How To Unhide Posts On Reddit? [in 2022]

One of the most popular social networking and news-sharing websites is Reddit. It has something for everyone with a variety of different categories (subreddits) to choose from. You can find subreddits for almost any topic imaginable, which is one of the reasons why Reddit is so popular.

If you’re new to Reddit, it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out how everything works. In this article, we’ll explain how to unhide posts on Reddit.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to unhide posts on Reddit, check out this one:

How to unhide Reddit posts?

When you first create a Reddit account, you will be automatically subscribed to some default subreddits. However, you can unsubscribe from these subreddits at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” button on the right side of the screen.

To unsubscribe from a subreddit, first go to that subreddit’s page. For example, if you want to unsubscribe from the /r/funny subreddit, go to On the right side of the screen, underneath the search bar, you will see a button that says “unsubscribe.” Click this button, and you will be unsubscribed from that subreddit.

If you want to unsubscribe from multiple subreddits at once, you can do so by going to your account settings. To access your account settings, click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the screen, next to your username. A drop-down menu will appear; select “user settings” from this menu.

On the user settings page, scroll down to the “subscriptions” section. Here, you will see a list of all the subreddits you are currently subscribed to. To unsubscribe from a subreddit, simply click the “unsubscribe” button next to that subreddit’s name.

If you want to hide posts from a particular subreddit from showing up on your front page, you can do so by muting that subreddit. To mute a subreddit, go to that subreddit’s page and click on the “mute” button at the top of the screen.

When you mute a subreddit, posts from that subreddit will no longer show up on your front page. However, you will still be subscribed to that subreddit; you will just need to visit the subreddit’s page directly if you want to see its content.

To unmute a muted subreddit, go to your account settings and scroll down to the “muted subreddits” section. Here, you will see a list of all the subreddits you have muted. To unmute a subreddit, simply click the “unsubscribe” button next to that subreddit’s name.

How to unhide posts on Reddit on mobile phones?

If you’ve hidden a post on Reddit and want to unhide it, here’s how to do it on your mobile phone.

  1. Open the Reddit app on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen to open the menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Hidden Posts.”
  4. Find the post you want to unhide and tap the “Unhide” button next to it.
  5. That’s it! The post will now be visible again in your feed.

What happens when you unhide a Reddit post?

When you unhide a Reddit post, it becomes visible again to all users. The post will appear in your feed and on the front page of the subreddit it was posted in. If the post was hidden by moderators, it will also be visible to them.

Can’t unhide a Reddit post

There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to unhide a Reddit post. It could be that the post is no longer available, or that it has been removed by the moderators. Alternatively, it could be that you do not have enough karma to view the post.

If you are unable to unhide a Reddit post, the first thing you should check is whether the post is still available. If it is not, then there is nothing you can do to unhide it.

However, if the post is still available, but you cannot see it, then it is likely that it has been removed by the moderators. In this case, you will need to contact the moderators of the subreddit in question and ask them to unhide the post.

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