How To Unpin On Pinterest? [in 2022]

When using Pinterest, have you ever felt the need to delete a Pinterest pin from a specific board? If so, this post on how to unpin on Pinterest might help you a lot. It’s good to unpin content that you don’t want anymore.

What does unpinning on Pinterest mean?

Unpinning on Pinterest means deleting those pins that you no longer considered valuable. Or, you want to make your boards free of unwanted stuff.

Deleting pins on Pinterest doesn’t involve complex steps to do the same. So, whether you want to delete Pinterest pins from your computer or smartphone, all you have to do is follow simple steps and get it done.

How to unpin a pin on Pinterest?

As said, there are easy ways to unpin a pin on Pinterest. And, you can do that both from your PC and smartphone.

  1. How to unpin pins on a PC/Mac?

To unpin a pin on Pinterest while using a PC, follow the instructions below.

  • Open your web browser and log in to your Pinterest account
  • When the page loads completely, click on the profile image that you find in the right corner of your screen
  • Locate the board where you have saved the pin that you want to delete
  • Next, open the pin that you want to unpin
  • Select the three-dot line next to your pin
  • Choose the option ‘Delete’ and ‘Delete Pin’ from the bottom
  • Choosing the ‘delete Forever’ option will unpin
  1. How to unpin Pinterest pins in the mobile app?

To unpin on an Android phone or on the iPhone using the Pinterest app, follow these steps.

  • Open the Pinterest app on your Android smartphone
  • Choose the board where the pin you wish to delete is located
  • Hold the pin for some time so that you can see some floating options
  • Tap on the pencil icon to find out more options
  • Select ‘Delete this pin’

What happens when you unpin a pin on Pinterest?

If you unpin a pin on Pinterest, it remains on other people’s boards who have saved it. In short, even if you have created the pin and deleted it later, it will disappear from your board.

But if a user saved the pin on their board, they will see the pin even after you have deleted the same. Removing the pins on Pinterest permanently isn’t possible as of now and so you should be careful of what you post.

Can’t unpin a pin on Pinterest

While the steps mentioned above are helpful when it comes to deleting a pin on Pinterest. You should see the results immediately after you implement the steps the right way. However, if there is something wrong, follow these steps.

  • First of all, make sure that you have followed every step mentioned in this post correctly
  • If you skipped a certain step, repeat the steps again
  • If you are using a web browser for Pinterest, refresh the page to see visible results. Sometimes, you may even have to clear the browser uses data to see the changes
  • The same thing applies to a smartphone if you unpinned the content from it. A simple reboot might resolve the issue

When you keep your Pinterest pins clutter-free and organized, there is no need to delete them.

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