Wordplay AI Affiliate Program: How To Make $1,000 With It?

Wordplay.ai is one of the many AI writing software that has drawn a lot of interest recently. Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or just want to make some extra money as a Wordplay.ai user, the Wordplay.ai affiliate program can work for you.

In this Wordplay.ai tutorial, we are going to explain to you if Wordplay.ai has an affiliate program, what the affiliate commission is, how to join the Wordplay.ai affiliate program, how much money can you make with it and anything else that is important to know about the Wordplay.ai affiliate program.

Does Wordplay.ai have an affiliate program?

Yes, Wordplay.ai has an affiliate program that you can join to promote Wordplay.ai  to your audience and make money with it.

Wordplay.ai affiliate program works just like any other similar affiliate program, when people sign up and become paying a customer via your affiliate link, you will get an affiliate commission from Wordplay.ai.

Sign up for Wordplay.ai affiliate program here: https://Wordplay.ai.ai/affiliate-program/

What is the Affiliate commission in the Wordplay.ai affiliate program?

When people sign up via your Wordplay.ai affiliate link, you will get 20% recurring commission for but if the customer purchases the Wordplay.ai.ai lifetime deal.

The most expensive Wordplay.ai. lifetime is $999 so with the 20% commission rate you can 200 bucks just by referring only one custom

How much money can you make with Wordplay.ai.ai affiliate program?

Although you can make $200 by referring only one customer, the average customer will purchase a lower-priced lifetime deal, but even then you can make on average $40 per referred customer.

As Wordplay.ai is a well-converting affiliate program, you can easily make a full-time income just by promoting Wordplay.ai.

Calculating with the $40 average affiliate commission, you only need to refer 25 customer per month to make 1,000 USD per month.

Cookie duration/length of Wordplay.ai partner program

Wordplay.ai affiliate program has a 30-day sticky cookie. A 30-day cookie means that if your referred customer buys Wordplay.ai within 30 days after they clicked on your Wordplay.ai affiliate link, you get a commission.

However, if they purchase on day 31 after clicking on your affiliate link, you don’t get any commission.

How to join & make money with Wordplay.ai affiliate program?

Here is how to start making money with Wordplay.ai affiliate program:

  1. Sign up to Wordplay.ai using this link: https://Wordplay.ai.ai/affiliate-program/
  2. Apply to be a Wordplay.ai affiliate partner here
  3. Wait for getting approved for the Wordplay.ai affiliate program
  4. Get your referral link to promote the affiliate program
  5. Promote Wordplay.ai and share your affiliate link with your audience
  6. Get paid out at the end of the month.

Other AI content writing affiliate programs you could promote

Here are other AI Content affiliate marketing programs, you could promote and make good money with them:

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  18. Wordplay.ai affiliate program
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  21. Contentbot AI affiliate program
  22. ai-writer.com affiliate program

We also have a comprehensive article on the best AI affiliate marketing programs you can promote.

Frequently Asked Questions – Wordplay.ai affiliate program

Can you make money as a Wordplay.ai sub-affiliate?

Some affiliate programs offer a sub-affiliate system which means that you can not only make money by referring customers to the product, but you make money by referring affiliates and making a percentage of their affiliate commission.

However, there is no such feature in Wordplay.ai affiliate program. However, you can convert potential Wordplay.ai affiliates to paying Copy AI customers, and you can make money on their subscription fees. (but not on their affiliates)

I wasn’t accepted into the Wordplay.ai affiliate program, what can I do?

Just because you applied, it doesn’t mean that you will be accepted into the Wordplay.ai affiliate programs. Wordplay.ai requires you to have an audience so you can promote them Wordplay.ai

Can you make money by referring yourself to Wordplay.ai?

No, you can’t get discounts this way. And if you get caught, your Wordplay.ai account and your affiliate account will be terminated as well.

Can you run paid ads in the Wordplay.ai partner program?

Although the best way to refer customers to Wordplay.ai is by using your social media audience, SEO or an email list, you are allowed to run Facebook Ads, Google Ads or other PPC ads to promote Wordplay.ai.

As mentioned above, the only exception is that you can’t run search ads to the brand terms of Wordplay.ai

What is Wordplay.ai and how does it work?

Wordplay AI is long-form AI content generator tool that has been specifically designed to create long-form SEO-optimized content.

So the unique thing about Wordplay AI is that you need to provide only single keyword and Wordplay AI does the rest and creates a fully SEO-optimized blog post on that specific topic.

Wordplay AI doesn’t have other marketing templates like competitors they only focus on the long-form creation right now. It can be a very useful tool if your only goal is to scale long-form content production without sending too much time with it.

Wordplay AI starts at $49 per month, but you can claim an exclusive lifetime deal right here:

Claim the exclusive lifetime deal!

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