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founder of ROIHacks

My name is Csongor Patai, I am the founder of ROIhacks.com. I started my career in finance then gradually transitioned into online marketing as it’s way more exciting.:)

I am especially interested in search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital analytics and paid advertising.

However, on ROIHacks.com we only focus on social media marketing. We publish no-fluff step-by-step tutorials and ultimate guides related to Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Head of Marketing @ ROIHacks

My name is Emily Anderson, I am the Head of Marketing at ROIHacks.com

After graduating from college, I started out with freelance writing and now head the content production and marketing team here at ROIHacks.

In my free time, I like spending time on Instagram and TikTok and I am also a travel and coffee addict.

Emily Anderson from ROIHacks.com

Why You Should Read us?

We started up this blog as we felt there were not enough high-quality step by step tutorials on certain topics of Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Whether we write a short and sweet how-to post or in-depth ultimate guides, our goal is always to deliver you the most important information on the specific subtopic.

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Some of the main topics we cover on our blog:

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We have created free checklists that you can use to audit your Facebook page and content marketing or to audit the setup of your Facebook pixel:

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