How To Add Certificates Or Licenses On Linkedin? [in 2022]

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Having a LinkedIn profile is like having an online resume that potential employees and recruiters can notice. But just having a profile is not enough. You have to make sure that the profile has all the valid and relevant information related to your company or your professional life.

One of the most important parts of the LinkedIn profile is – Certificates or Licenses. You have to add certificates on LinkedIn for presenting yourself as a highly skilled professional. If you are wondering how to add certificates or licenses on LinkedIn, read this tutorial.

If you prefer a video tutorial on LinkedIn certifications, check out this one:

How to add certificates or licenses on LinkedIn?

Here, we will provide you with a complete guide on how you can add certificates to your LinkedIn profile. As you know that adding certificates can prove your skills and this adds to your credibility. The same goes for the licenses. Adding a license on LinkedIn helps people to gain trust and credibility in your company. Here are some of the steps which you have to follow for adding the certificates or licenses to your LinkedIn profile:

Step 1: First, log in to your LinkedIn account with your credentials (email id and password) and then click on the ‘Me’ icon. You can find this icon on LinkedIn’s top right corner. You can also click on your own profile picture which is on the left side.

Step 2: Then you can scroll down and you will see the section called license and Certifications’. In that section, you will notice a button with a plus ‘;+’ on the right side of the screen. Click on it and add your certificate or license.

Step 3: A page will open which will ask you about the details of your licenses and certificates. You have to add the name of the certification, an organization that issued the certificate, and year and month of issuing the certificate. You can also add the credential URL and ID but these two are optional.

How to add partner certificates received by email?

In case you have completed a course or program with a partner or more, then you will generally receive the certificate through your email. But the main question here is – how to add certificates on LinkedIn received by email? Follow these steps for that:

  1. First, you have to open the email and click on the link provided for starting the process. The moment you will click on the link, it will ask you to login into your LinkedIn account.
  2. You have to enter the login credentials to sign in to the account successfully. The certification will upload automatically and you can add some information about it directly.
  3. Once it is done, do not forget to click on ‘SAVE’. Clicking on ‘Save’ will automatically save it on your profile.

You can see that the certification you have received through email will appear in your LinkedIn profile.

How to add certificates or licenses on LinkedIn App?

Are you using the LinkedIn app on your smartphone? Well, you can add the certificates from there too. Follow these steps:

You have to login into your LinkedIn account first

  1. Go to the Profile section and on the right, you will notice a dropdown menu for the add profile section
  2. You have to select ‘Background’ and there will be a triangle-shaped button beside the Certifications and Licenses
  3. Select that and enter all the valid information like programs, date of issue, name of the certificates, etc.
  4. Once you do that, click on save and your information will be saved in your profile

Can’t add a certificate to my LinkedIn profile

If you cannot add certificates or licenses to your LinkedIn profile, then don’t worry. Many people cannot! The main reason is they cannot find the ‘Certification and License’ section in their profile. If you are facing the same problem, here are some tips for you.

Go to your LinkedIn profile and you will notice a button named ‘Add Profile’ right under the cover photo of LinkedIn

  1. You have to select the option ‘Background’ there and then under that, you have to select ‘Licenses and Certifications’
  2. Once you get that, select the plus button for adding a certificate


These are some of the ways by which you can successfully add certificates on LinkedIn. As mentioned above, the certificates can be proof of your capabilities, skills and potential. Employers and recruiters can get a better idea about your efficacy. Hence, you need to add your relevant and valid certificates in your LinkedIn profile.

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