How To Add Keywords To YouTube Channel? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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One of the lesser-known ways to optimize your YouTube channel is to add keywords to a YouTube channel. This will help YouTube to understand what your channel is all about.

In this YouTube tutorial, we are going to show you how to add keywords to your YouTube channel and how to select the best keywords for YouTube channels for achieving the best result.

What are keywords on YouTube channel?

YouTube channel keywords are terms and phrases that you can add to your YouTube channel and that can help you let YouTube know what your YouTube channel is all about. This makes it easier for the YouTube algorithm to recommend your channel and videos to viewers who might be interested in the content related to your keywords.

Let’s make it clear, YouTube channel keywords are not the most important factor in ranking your YouTube videos in search orsuggested videos, but it is really easy to add these channel keywords in under a couple of seconds and YouTube will have a better idea about your channel.

Filling these YouTube channel keywords is especially important when you are starting out and don’t have any views on your YouTube channel, as the YouTube algorithm has no idea yet what your channel is all about so they might be able to better recommend your videos.

How to add keywords to YouTube channel?

Here is how to add keywords to your YouTube channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio
  2. Click on ‘Settings’
  3. Click on’ Channel’
  4. Add keywords separated by comma in the keywords to add keywords to youtube channel
  5. Once you have added all the keywords, click on ‘Save’.

These keywords now should be added as YouTube channel keywords.

Can’t add keywords to YouTube channels

Keep in mind that there is a character limit on YouTube channel keywords.

So, if you are over 500 characters, you can’t add more keywords to your YouTube channel. Maybe get rid of some of the phrases that are not that relevant to your YouTube channel.

Also, you have to be a YouTube channel owner or YouTube channel manager to be able to add or change YouTube channel keywords, so make you have the right YouTube channel role.

What keywords should you add to the YouTube channel?

Here are some general advice and tips to add good YouTube channel keywords.

Be broad enough but make sure you define your niche with the terms and phrases you use. You can also use these keywords to define the niche and the types of videos you are going to make.

Some instances of YouTube channel keywords: marketing tutorials, family vlogs, travel videos, tech reviews. phone reviews, social media marketing tutorial, youtube channel advice, youtube keyword research.

Don’t add too broad keywords to the channel, like ‘YouTube 2022’, ‘vlog’, ‘tutorials’ as they are not descriptive enough.

But don’t be too specific either. Try to find the sweet spot, the examples above can help you get a better idea of good YouTube channel keywords.

YouTube channel keywords vs YouTube video keywords

Of course, besides adding keywords to your YouTube channel don’t forget that keywords

YouTube ranks YouTube videos not channels in the YouTube search. So make sure you fill out the keywords on your channel but also pay attention to the keywords of your YouTube videos

You can add YouTube keywords to your videos as tags and include the main head keyword in the title, description and potentially also in the YouTube video thumbnail.

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