How To Add Moderator To Facebook Group? [in 2022]

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Is your Facebook group getting big and you don’t have time to moderate the group discussions yourself? It is a great opportunity to add a moderator to the Facebook group.

In this tutorial, besides showing you how to add moderators to Facebook groups, we are also going to explain the difference between a Facebook group moderator and an administrator, what a FB group admin can do, and anything related to Facebook group moderators.

If you prefer a video tutorial on the process of adding a moderator to a Facebook Group, scroll down to the bottom of the article.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What can a Facebook group moderator do?

As the name suggests, the Facebook group moderator’s primary role is to moderate the discussion in the Facebook groups.

So here is what a Facebook group moderator can do:

  • Approve and deny Facebook group posts
  • Remove group posts if they think it is inappropriate
  • Delete comments from FB group posts
  • Remove and block people from Facebook groups
  • Pin and unpin Facebook group posts
  • Approve and deny membership requests.

Let’s see what a Facebook group moderator can’t do compared to a Facebook group admin who has access to everything.

Facebook group admin vs moderator

A Facebook group admin can also do the tasks we have collected above. Besides that, a Facebook group admin can, and a Facebook group moderator can’t do the following:

  • A Facebook group moderator can’t make another member admin or moderator
  • A Facebook group mod can’t remove another admin or moderator
  • And a Facebook moderator can’t manage the FB group settings

Facebook group admin vs Facebook group moderator access and tasks

So if you are the owner of the Facebook group, in most cases, you should add someone as a moderator to the Facebook group if you want him to help you with moderation issues.

Let’s see how to add a moderator to a Facebook group you manage.

How to add a moderator to the Facebook group?

Here is how to add a moderator to the Facebook groups:

  1. Open the Facebook group you want the add the mod to
  2. Click on ‘Members’ in the Facebook groupFacebook Groups - Members tab
  3. Search for the person you want to make the moderator
  4. Click on the three dots next to their name
  5. Select ‘Invite to be a moderator
  6. Click on ‘Send Invite’

The person will get a notification that she was invited to be a moderator. You can cancel the invitation also if you change your mind.

If you want to see the process of making someone a Facebook group moderator, check out the tutorial here:

Can’t add Facebook group moderator

If you can’t make someone a Facebook group moderator, here are the most common reasons you should be aware of.

First, the person who you want to make the Facebook group moderator has to be a member in the Facebook group. So you have to invite that person to the FB group first before you would be able to make her a Facebook group mod.

Secondly, as we have mentioned above, you have to be a Facebook group admin to be able to make someone a Facebook group moderator.

So if you are not a Facebook group admin, first you have to ask an admin to add you as the admin to the Facebook group:

Get rid of the Facebook group moderator

We have a separate tutorial where we show how to remove Facebook group moderators from a group. Check it out here:

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