How To Add A Voiceover On TikTok? [in 2022]

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TikTok is a fantastic platform for posting your videos, storytelling and an ideal place to incorporate your creativity. The app is evolving daily and features some exciting editing tools, one of which is TikTok Voiceover.

In this TikTok beginner tutorial, we are going to show you how to add a voiceover to your TikTok videos.

How To Add A Voiceover on TikTok?

The Voiceover feature helps you record your voice on any video, either with the original audio or not. The process of incorporating this feature is relatively straightforward, and you can follow the following steps:

1.  Open the TikTok App

Search for the app on the application drawer on your IOS or Android. If you cannot find it; download one from the app store and install it on your phone. If you have not registered, sign up for free and start creating or enjoying the content on the platform.

2.  Create or Upload a Video

The next step is either recording or uploading your video on the app. If you have already recorded your video and want to upload it, you can click on the ok sign at the bottom of your screen and tap the ”Upload button” located at the bottom right corner.

3.  Open the Video Editing Screen

The next step is to open the video editing screen to add a voiceover feature. Ensure that you click on the microphone icon that is labeled Voiceover.

After tapping the voiceover button, long-press the recording button and start to record your voice; you can also eliminate the original voice of the video by clicking on the ”keep original sound” button. Once you click there, the checkmark disappears immediately.

4.  Review your Voiceover

The final step is to review your Voiceover. You can tap on the ”play” button of the video. If the video is good, tap on the ”save” button. The other step is to incorporate your desired effects by clicking the ”Next” button.

Type the most preferred description of your video and tap on the ”post” button to publish the video.

Other Methods to add Sounds to a TikTok Video

Using trending sounds on your TikTok videos is becoming a trend. The sounds help to take your videos to another level. Other methods you can incorporate to add sound to your TikTok video include:

  • TikTok sounds library-you can browse different music. You can conveniently access these sounds by tapping the plus button on your home screen and clicking on the ‘Sounds” button.
  1. Copy from other Videos-if you come across a video with a great sound, you can tap on the sound, and you can either select ”use this sound,” or ”add to your favorites” for future use.

Tips to make a good voiceover TikTok video

To ensure that your video is outstanding, it is imperative to review the video before posting. If you find any errors in the editing of your video, you can address them before posting the video on the platform.

You can also incorporate other editing features to ensure that your final video is quite appealing. Lastly, you can adjust the volume of your video by adjusting the volume levels of your video.

Can’t Add A Voiceover to a TikTok video

If you are experiencing trouble with your Voiceover, it can be due to the following reasons. Some of the factors that can cause this issue include:

  • Making use of an outdated version of the TikTok app
  • If you have not permitted your TikTok app to use the microphone
  • If the TikTok app is corrupted
  • Internet connection issues
  • The TikTok app cache requires clearing

You can resolve this problem by trying to restart your phone. Restarting your phone helps to solve problems such as bugs or software problems that are preventing you from including your voice on the TikTok app. The next step is checking any issues with your internet connection. Ensure that your internet is stable.

Also, you can consider updating your TikTok app by downloading another updated version from the app store. If the problem is still persistent, ensure that your clear the app’s cache on your phone. To clear cache, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the settings of your phone
  2. Click on the Apps or App manager
  3. Find the TikTok app and click on it
  4. Click on the clear cache option and delete all data
  5. Open the app and verify if the problem has been fixed.

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