Top 22 Beauty YouTube video ideas That Will Get Views [in 2023]

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Are you struggling to come up with new content for your beauty YouTube channel? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this YouTube video ideas article, we’ll be sharing 22 of the best beauty day YouTube video ideas to help keep your channel fresh and engaging.

From makeup tutorials and product reviews to skincare routines and haircare hacks, there’s something for every beauty enthusiast.

So sit back, grab your favorite beauty products, and get ready to create some amazing content for your subscribers!

22 Beauty YouTube video ideas

  1. “Get Ready With Me” Morning Routine – In this video, you can show your audience how you start your day by sharing your morning skincare and makeup routine.
  2. “Nighttime Skincare Routine” – Show your viewers how you take care of your skin before bed by sharing your nighttime skincare routine.
  3. “Drugstore vs. High-End Makeup” – In this video, you can compare and contrast drugstore and high-end makeup products, sharing your thoughts on which ones are worth the investment.
  4. “Makeup Tutorial” – Teach your viewers how to recreate a specific makeup look, whether it’s a natural everyday look or a bold and dramatic evening look.
  5. “Product Review” – Share your honest thoughts on a new beauty product that you’ve tried, including its pros and cons.
  6. “Haircare Routine” – Share your go-to haircare routine, including products and tips for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.
  7. “Beauty Hacks” – Share some of your favorite beauty hacks and tips, whether they’re for saving time or achieving a specific look.
  8. “Fragrance Collection” – Show your viewers your fragrance collection and share your thoughts on each one.
  9. “Skincare Q&A” – Answer some of your viewers’ most common skincare questions and share your expert advice.
  10. “Eyebrow Tutorial” – Teach your viewers how to shape and groom their eyebrows for a polished, put-together look.
  11. “Beauty Myths Busted” – In this video, you can debunk some of the most common beauty myths and share the truth about what really works.
  12. “Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin” – Share your go-to skincare routine for combating acne and achieving clear, healthy skin.
  13. “Hair Color Tutorial” – Teach your viewers how to dye their hair at home, including tips for achieving a natural-looking color.
  14. “Makeup for Glasses” – Share some of your favorite makeup tips and tricks for those who wear glasses, including how to make eyes stand out and how to prevent smudges on the lenses.
  15. “Beauty Products for Beginners” – Recommend some of the best beauty products for those who are just starting out with makeup and skincare.
  16. “Beauty Products Worth the Splurge” – Share some of the luxury beauty products that you think are worth the investment.
  17. “Skincare Routine for Dry Skin” – Share your skincare routine and products for maintaining hydrated, moisturized skin.
  18. “Makeup for a Natural, No-Makeup Look” – Show your viewers how to achieve a natural, minimal makeup look using just a few key products.
  19. “Beauty Products for Travel” – Share some of your favorite travel-sized beauty products and tips for staying glam on the go.
  20. “Haircare Routine for Curly Hair” – Share your tips and tricks for maintaining healthy, defined curls.
  21. “Makeup for a Night Out” – Teach your viewers how to create a bold and dramatic makeup look for a night out on the town.
  22. “Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin” – Share some of the best beauty products for those with sensitive skin, including gentle ingredients and hypoallergenic options.

How to come up with even more beauty YouTube video ideas?

Here are a few tips for coming up with even more beauty YouTube video ideas:

  1. Pay attention to trends: Keep an eye on the latest beauty trends and create content around them. This can be anything from the hottest new makeup products to the latest skincare techniques.
  2. Look to your audience: Take a look at the comments and questions your viewers are leaving on your videos and consider creating content that addresses their concerns or interests.
  3. Collaborate with other creators: Consider collaborating with other beauty YouTube creators to come up with unique video ideas and reach a new audience.
  4. Take inspiration from other platforms: Look to Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms for beauty inspiration and create content around popular looks or products.
  5. Mix things up: Don’t be afraid to try new things and switch up your content. This could be anything from trying out new makeup techniques to experimenting with different types of beauty products.
  6. Keep it personal: Share your own experiences and insights on beauty products and techniques to give your videos a personal touch.
  7. Try something different: Consider branching out and trying new types of beauty content, such as DIY beauty products or beauty challenges.

How to evaluate the beauty YouTube video ideas you have come up with?

There are a few key things to consider when evaluating the beauty YouTube video ideas you have come up with:

  1. Relevance: Is the video idea relevant to your audience and their interests? Is it timely and in line with current trends?
  2. Originality: Is the video idea unique and different from what’s already out there? Consider how you can put your own spin on a topic to make it stand out.
  3. Feasibility: Can you realistically create the video within a reasonable amount of time and budget? Consider the resources you have available and whether the idea is realistic to execute.
  4. Engagement: Will the video idea be engaging and hold the attention of your audience? Think about how you can make the content interactive and keep viewers interested.
  5. Value: Will the video offer value to your viewers? Consider whether the content will be informative, entertaining, or provide some other benefit to your audience.

By considering these factors, you can help ensure that the beauty YouTube video ideas you choose are relevant, original, feasible, engaging, and valuable to your audience.

How to Produce YouTube beauty videos to get views on your beauty YouTube channel?

Here are a few tips for producing YouTube beauty videos that will get views on your beauty YouTube channel:

  1. Invest in good equipment: Having high-quality video and audio equipment can make a big difference in the overall production value of your videos. Consider investing in a good camera, microphone, and lighting equipment to help your videos stand out.
  2. Edit your videos: Editing your videos can help you remove any mistakes or awkward moments, and can also help you improve the pacing and flow of your content.
  3. Use visual aids: Adding visual aids, such as graphics and slides, can help your viewers better understand your content and keep them engaged.
  4. Keep it organized: Plan out your videos in advance and try to keep things organized and on track. This can help you stay focused and prevent your videos from feeling disjointed or confusing.
  5. Engage with your audience: Encourage viewer engagement by asking questions, inviting feedback, and responding to comments. This can help build a sense of community and encourage your audience to keep coming back for more.
  6. Promote your videos: In addition to posting your videos on YouTube, consider promoting them on your social media accounts and reaching out to other creators for collaborations.

By following these tips, you can help increase the chances that your beauty YouTube videos will get views and grow your channel.

beauty YouTube Video Ideas – Summary

In this article, we shared 22 beauty YouTube video ideas, as well as tips for coming up with even more ideas, evaluating your ideas, and producing YouTube beauty videos that will get views on your channel.

We also offered recommendations for investing in good equipment, editing your videos, using visual aids, keeping things organized, engaging with your audience, and promoting your videos.

By following these tips and creating high-quality, engaging beauty content, you can help grow your YouTube channel and connect with your audience.

Whether you’re a makeup artist, skincare expert, or beauty enthusiast, there are endless possibilities for creating great content on YouTube.

So get creative and start sharing your beauty expertise with the world!

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