Top 10 Best ChatGPT Plugins For Stock Market Analysis

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Do you want to use ChatGPT plugins for stock market analysis? We have gone through the list of 1000+ plugins to find the best ChatGPT plugins for stock market analysis.

In this best ChatGPT plugins compilation, we are going to give you the list of top ChatGPT plugins for stock market analysis and we are also going to share how each ChatGPT plugin can be used for helping with stock market analysis.

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Best ChatGPT Plugins For stock market analysis

Here are the best ChatGPT plugins for stock market analysis:

1. Public ChatGPT Plugin:

The Public ChatGPT Plugin provides real-time and historical market data, asset prices, news, research, and comprehensive financial analysis. It allows users to access a wide range of information related to stocks, indices, commodities, and other financial instruments. This plugin can be used to retrieve up-to-date market data, track stock performance, analyze trends, and make informed investment decisions.

2. Savvy Trader AI ChatGPT Plugin:

The Savvy Trader AI ChatGPT Plugin offers real-time stock, cryptocurrency, and other investment data. It provides users with access to current market prices, historical data, market trends, and portfolio analysis. Traders and investors can leverage this plugin to monitor their investments, track market movements, identify trading opportunities, and manage their portfolios effectively.

3. FiscalNote ChatGPT Plugin:

The FiscalNote ChatGPT Plugin enables access to market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information. This information can be valuable for stock market analysis as it allows users to stay updated on government policies, regulations, and potential market impacts. By understanding the legal and regulatory landscape, investors can assess the risks and opportunities associated with specific stocks or sectors.

4. Crypto Prices and News ChatGPT Plugin:

The Crypto Prices and News ChatGPT Plugin provides access to the latest cryptocurrency prices and news from (formerly While it specifically focuses on cryptocurrencies, monitoring the crypto market can be relevant for stock market analysis as well. Cryptocurrency trends and developments can sometimes influence traditional financial markets, and having insights into the crypto space can provide additional context for stock market analysis.

5. AITickerChat ChatGPT Plugin:

The AITickerChat ChatGPT Plugin allows users to retrieve USA stock insights from SEC filings as well as Earnings Call Transcripts. By accessing these documents, investors can gather valuable information about publicly traded companies, including financial statements, annual reports, and transcripts of earnings calls. Analyzing this data can provide insights into a company’s financial health, performance, and future prospects, aiding in stock market analysis.

6. Options Pro ChatGPT Plugin:

The Options Pro ChatGPT Plugin serves as a personal options trading assistant, providing portfolio assessment, recommendations, and answers to finance questions. Options trading is a complex aspect of the stock market, and this plugin can assist traders in evaluating options strategies, analyzing risk, and making informed decisions. It can also provide insights into market volatility and help users understand the potential impact of options on their portfolios.

7. Polarr ChatGPT Plugin:

The Polarr ChatGPT Plugin allows users to search and utilize user-generated filters for enhancing visuals related to stock market analysis. While not directly tied to data analysis, this plugin can be used to create visually appealing charts, graphs, or images for presentations or reports. Visual representations of data can help in conveying information effectively and engagingly to stakeholders or clients.

8. Statis Fund Finance ChatGPT Plugin:

The Statis Fund Finance ChatGPT Plugin is a financial data tool for analyzing equities. It provides access to price quotes, moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and more. These technical indicators can be useful for technical analysis, helping traders identify potential entry or exit points for stocks. By utilizing the features of this plugin, traders can analyze historical price patterns and make data-driven trading decisions.

9. Penrose Analyst ChatGPT Plugin:

The Penrose Analyst ChatGPT Plugin allows users to search global news and research papers, summarize links, and stay updated on the latest market developments. By accessing news articles and research papers related to the stock market, investors can gather insights, opinions, and expert analysis. This information can aid in understanding market trends, identifying emerging opportunities, and staying informed about industry-specific developments.

10. FundsDB ChatGPT Plugin:

The FundsDB ChatGPT Plugin helps users discover funding opportunities in the stock market, including grants and investments. While not directly focused on analysis, this plugin can assist entrepreneurs or startups looking for financial resources to fund their ventures. It can provide information on available funding options, investor profiles, and investment trends, which can be valuable for businesses operating in the stock market or related sectors.

Please note that the usage and functionality of these plugins may vary, and it’s important to refer to the documentation and resources provided by each plugin for detailed instructions on how to utilize them effectively for stock market analysis.

Other Top stock market analysis ChatGPT plugins

Are you missing any stock market analysis plugins from our best ChatGPT Plugins for stock market analysis list?

The ChatGPT plugin landscape is developing rapidly, so check back later as we will update these best ChatGPT plugin lists as new stock market analysis ChatGPT plugins appear in the plugin store.

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