How To Add or Change Email on LinkedIn? [in 2022]

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Social media platforms require an email address and as an example, queries surrounding email addresses on LinkedIn continue to be a concern for many users. The hows and whys remain as frequently asked questions. Hence, this blog aims to answer the most sought questions about email change in LinkedIn and more.

How To Change Email address On Linkedin?

In managing an email address across accounts, it may sometimes be annoying, complex, and almost arduous. Due to these impressions, others would opt to create a new account than to changing their email address. However, the same process can be performed with LinkedIn in a simple manner. By following a few easy steps below, you can change your email on LinkedIn in a short amount of time – guaranteed!

Step 1: Click on your name or profile icon by heading to your LinkedIn home page.

Step 2: Click on the “Contact info.”

Step 3: Then click on the pencil icon.

Step 4: On your profile, there will be a listed email address. Click on the email address and a separate tab will pop up on your screen.

Step 5: Click on the “Add email address” on the new tab that has opened.

Step 6: Input your new email address on the box and once complete, click “Send verification.”

Step 7: Click “Done” after typing your LinkedIn password.

Step 8: By using a separate tab, check if you have received the LinkedIn verification email by logging in using the new email address you added. Once confirmed, follow the instructions contained by the said email. This step is important and should not be skipped in any way. Hence, changing your LinkedIn’s primary email account will reach completion.

Step 9: Head to the LinkedIn settings tab and click “Make primary” next to the added email address.

Step 10: Also click the same words, “Make primary,” after typing in your LinkedIn password.

Since you have finished the process of changing your LinkedIn’s primary email account, the removal of unnecessary email addresses in your account comes with ease. Firstly, besides your chosen email address, click “Remove”. Secondly, input your password, and lastly, repeat the first step by clicking “Remove” for the second time.

How To Add a second email address to LinkedIn?

To add a second email address to LinkedIn, the process of changing one is nearly identical but shorter. To add a second email address to LinkedIn, you must:

Step 1: Locate the “Me” icon on top of your LinkedIn homepage and click the Me icon.

Step 2: Click “Settings & Privacy,” and on the left, click “Sign in & security.”

Step 3: Next to the Email address under Account Access, click Change.

Step 4: Input your new email address into the text box after clicking “Add email address.”

Step 5: Click “Send verification” and to proceed, enter your LinkedIn password.

Step 6: Log in to a new tab by using the new email address you have initially input during the adding process.

Step 7: Follow the steps indicated in the email verification to validate your account, and you’re now good to go.

Benefits of adding a second email address

You have a backup email

In the event that you are accidentally locked out from your LinkedIn account bearing your primary email address, LinkedIn can still help you gain access. Through your second email address, LinkedIn can send you a password reset link. Apart from this, you can continue receiving important notifications such as those which concerns fraud and other risks that may befall your account.

Gain a More Personalized LinkedIn Experience

With a second email address, you can tailor what you receive and see in LinkedIn. This means that LinkedIn can curate their ad services according to your preferences based on which organizations your email address is affiliated. Also, the perk does not arrive at the expense of the user’s privacy.

Can’t add/change the Email address on LinkedIn

If you can’t add or change your email address on LinkedIn, you may have missed a step stated above. In other cases, you may have input your new email address incorrectly, you typed in the wrong password, or you failed to follow the verification process sent through email. To resolve these issues, make sure to review the details you have typed, and thoroughly follow all the instructions here and those sent through email verification.

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