How to Change Instagram Username? [in 2022]

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Sometimes it is useful to make changes to your Instagram profile. A good Instagram username can help you stand out and can make it easier to open your Instagram profile.

In this Instagram marketing tutorial, we are going to show you how to change your Instagram username on your Instagram account step by step. This process works whether you have a personal Instagram account or an Instagram business account.

If you prefer a video tutorial on how to change Instagram username, check out this one:

How to Change Instagram Username?

Username is the name that you register and can be used to log into Instagram. To change the username, Follow the following steps:

  1. Open The Instagram App – On your phone go to the Instagram App and open it.
  2. Go to Profile Screen – Click on “Edit profile”.edit Instagram profile
  3. Change Username – Click on your current username on the top of your Instagram profile page. It will bring up a text box where you can change your username. Once done, save it.

You can log in with your new Instagram username after that.

Rules For Instagram usernames

Instagram has some rules for usernames. Here are 6 common Instagram rules for usernames:

1) Usernames Must Be Unique

If your username is already taken, you will need to use a different one. This is to ensure that there is no confusion between you and another account. For example, if you want to use Instagram as a business, there should be no other accounts that have the same username.

2) No Profanity/Nudity

Instagram is rated for users as young as 13 years old. This is to ensure that all of its users are not exposed to content that is inappropriate for children. So, it does not allow any offensive words, nudity, or even suggestive photos (commonly known as ‘thinspo’, which means thin inspiration).

3) No spamming, phishing, or spamming

Scamming is when you trick people into giving out their username and passwords for something that never happens. Phishing is when someone tricks you into providing them with your username and password through an email or a link to a website that looks like Instagram’s. Spamming is when you flood the comments on people’s posts with words that have no meaning or post a chain of repetitive comments.

Tips For A Good Instagram Username

After all these rules, you might be having a hard time coming up with Instagram usernames that are unique and still meaningful. Here are some tips for making an awesome username:

1) Use Your Name

Your Instagram username can easily be your own name. This is perfect for you if you are planning on focusing on your business or brand and not so much about the individual behind it. Also, make sure that the name is available before choosing this option.

2) Use A Descriptive Word

Some people like to use their favorite hobbies, activities, or words as their usernames. This makes it easier for them to remember whether they have used that particular username before or not.

3) Use Your Username For Other Social Media Websites As Well

Many people use the same username across all social media websites to save time and effort. If your desired username is taken on Instagram, you can use it for other websites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. This will help you to save time in the future when you are trying to come up with new usernames across all your social media accounts.

4) Keep It Short And Simple

Longer usernames are not easy to remember. Also, they take up more space and can be annoying if you want to tag that particular username into posts or comments. So, keep your username short and simple.

Can’t Change Instagram Username?

If you are not able to change your Instagram username, it means that somebody has already used your desired name. Here are some ways to deal with this problem.

1) Keep Your Old Username

The other options are usually taken by bots or fake accounts that try to trick people into giving out their login information. This is why keeping your old username can save you from getting hacked or scammed.

2) Change Your Username Slightly

If your desired username is taken, you can change it slightly to make it exclusive. This way, nobody else will be able to use the same name without making some changes. For example, if ‘abhishek’ is already taken up by somebody, you can change it to ‘a-bhishek’. However, make sure that you don’t add any numbers or symbols to your username.

When it comes to maintaining your Instagram account, you have to be very careful about the rules. Also, users with offensive usernames are banned from Instagram so make sure that yours is not rude or inappropriate in any way. You can use these tips for coming up with a good username. However, if you are unable to change your desired username, make sure that you use your old one.

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