How To Check TikTok Analytics & How To View & Use It? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Tiktok has become one of the most popular apps on social media. The majority of people use their time creating or watching videos on the app, especially the young generation.

However, the content one creates attracts followers which is a way to make money from the app. But are you aware of the ways you can monitor your content through Tiktok analytics? Well, here is an article with information on how to look into your Tiktok analytics to help you yield more gains from the app.

How to Check Tiktok Analytics Data?

You’ll only look into your Analytics page only if you have a TikTok Pro account, and here’s how you access it:

  1. Open your Tiktok profile account
  2. Above on your right, click on the three horizontal lines
  3. Once it opens, click on the creator tools
  4. Under the tools click on the Analytics part
  5. Those who access the app on the desktop here’s what you need to follow:
  6. Gain access to your TikTok account
  7. Just as in the cell phone, click on the right upper in your account
  8. Then choose the View analytics

What Tiktok Analytics Data Can You See?

The Tiktok analytics data you can see include: Follower and content insights, and account and live overview. I’ll give you a brief on each of them as follows:

TikTok Content Insights

When you post your content, this section is where you get to know which video is trending or one that people are relating to the most. Although, you’ll see the analytical data only for videos posted over the last seven days, it will show the number of views, likes, comments, and shares made on each video.

This is inclusive of the time spent by people watching your video and whether and how many watched it till the end. You’ll know which part of the world has embraced your content and if it targeted a certain region, did you achieve reaching the information to them?

TikTok Followers Insights

This is the section you get to know more about your followers. You’ll discern whether they are females or males and to what proportion they make. Additionally, you’ll know what countries they come from.

This is a good way to know what content you’ll create to make sure you target your audience. This tab also gives you an audit on when your followers are mostly online which will help you know the days and time you will post your content to target their attention on viewing it.

TikTok Live Overview

If you have gone live on any day between seven and twenty-eight days, this is the section you’ll look for to know your analytical data.

The importance of this tab is to know how many people follow you, the total times you went live on TikTok, and the number of diamonds you have accumulated that can be withdrawn as real cash. You will also know the number that has been added to your followers when you posted your TikTok lives.

TikTok Account Overview

Is there a video you posted in the last two months and want to know how many likes or shares it got? Well, this is the tab you should click because it shows analytical data that last between weeks, and months to two months. You are also not limited to choosing to look at any video depending on the time in the past days or months you posted concerning the likes, comments, shares and followers it got.

Can’t See Tiktok Analytics Data

If you have a standard Tiktok account, you are less likely to gain access to look into your analytics data. Consequently, for instance, getting sponsorship is one of the ways that will make you earn more money from the app.

And with this, you are required to see the reach your content is making. This necessitates you to have a Pro account. Look into the following guidelines on how to achieve access to look into your Tiktok analytics data:

It begins with creating a Pro account as follows:

  • To open the settings on your app, on the upper right of your profile page, click the three horizontal lines there.
  • Then press the category to manage my account.
  • After that tap on the switch to the business account.
  • Fill in the steps opting for the kind of content you are planning to make.
  • Finally, make sure to have an email that will be used for verification.

Tiktok only requires this for you to be able to check your TikTok analytics for it begins tracing this data immediately you finish this process. However, the app will show you the results of the analytics in the past seven days. Within this period, the app is assembled data for your account.

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