How To Create And Set Up A LinkedIn Ad Account? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you want to advertise on LinkedIn, the first step is to create a LinkedIn ad account.

In this LinkedIn ads tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a LinkedIn ad account step by step.

If you want to watch a video tutorial on setting up a LinkedIn ad account, check out this tutorial:

What Is A Linkedin Ad Account, And Why Is It Important To Create It?

A LinkedIn Ad account is what you would call an advertising campaign management tool.

What it means is that you can use your LinkedIn Ad account to manage both your and others’ accounts by creating groups. At a group level, this tool lets you operate separate services. So, if you work in marketing, you can manage Ad accounts for clients.

You can use this marketing tool to manage your Ad campaign, A/B testing, and custom audiences. Above all, the ability to target your audiences and gather precious info about them is what makes this tool stand out. LinkedIn is a social media built around businesses, so it’s heaven-sent for people who want to use geolocation marketing.

Recruiters can use LinkedIn ads to improve application rates. But as an entrepreneur, you can use them to increase your brand awareness. Or just to get attention from potential investors.

How To Create And Set Up A LinkedIn Ad Account?

After logging in, you can find your Linkedin Ad account by clicking on Work in the top navigation bar. As soon as the side panel appears, click on Advertise. A new tab will open and ask you a few questions to gather basic info for your Linkedin Ad account (e.g., your name, what currency you use, etc.).

The site will take you to the campaign manager, where a default campaign builder awaits you. But I don’t recommend you use that and use the arrow on the left to get to the main page. Once you do that, click on the blue button “Create” to make a campaign group that satisfies your needs.

If you want to give someone access to your account or hire a marketer, just click on the button in the upper right corner. (The one that displays both your account name and photo.) Here, you will find the “Manage access” option, which lets you choose different roles for each user you add.

How To Manage A LinkedIn Ad Account Settings?

The button I mentioned before is the same to access all the other settings. You can click on “Edit account details” and change your account name. But you cannot change the currency, so you have to click on the blue button “Create” and make a new account.

You can manage your accounts by clicking on the white “Accounts” tab next to “Campaign Groups.” Of course, you will need to click on the “Billing center” option to add your credit card data before you can run a campaign. And then, you are good to go and make your first ad campaign.

Click on the Create button once more. Select “Campaign” this time, and follow the campaign builder instructions. After selecting a campaign group, the next step is to pick the overall goal.

Generally speaking, you can choose “Website visits” or “Website conversions” to send people off from LinkedIn to your landing page or website. The “Lead generation” option is one of the best because it keeps people on the platform and uses a form to get the lead. But there are pros and cons with every option, so you will need to test them all over time.

Can’t create a LinkedIn Ad Account

If you followed every step I gave you on how to create a Linkedin Ad account and set up a campaign, you might be experiencing one of these issues:

  • LinkedIn changed the UI, so the platform looks different, and you can’t find the buttons I mentioned. In this case, go to the Help section and search for the missing step instructions.
  • You have no LinkedIn account. For clarity, LinkedIn only allows registered user to access their Ad management tool. So, you have to sign in.
  • Someone flagged your account or reported that your account was compromised. It is a rare situation that you can fix by following the instructions you received in your email. On the other hand, if the LinkedIn staff restricted your account, you will have to appeal your case first.

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