How To Create A Twitter Ads Account? [In 2022]

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Twitter is not just for entertainment, you can do business through this platform as well.

In this Twitter ads tutorial, we are going to show you how to create, set up, and manage a Twitter Ads Manager account step by step.

What is a Twitter Ads Manager Account?

The ads account on Twitter depends on how you set it up, check the ad campaigns on the social media platform. To set it up you must register for, after this, you can have this with your original Twitter account.

Your Twitter page is linked with the ads handle. For instance, if you have a personal account with a business one on Twitter, you need to log in to the business account and head to

From the ads account, you can sign up for the ads on Twitter and promoted the products using your business profile on the social media platform. Remember that there is no difference between creating a business and a personal Twitter account. The difference is only in the usage of the accounts.

How to set up a Twitter Ads Account?

Here is how to set up a Twitter ads account:

  1. For this visit the official URL
  2. Next, you have to log in to your online account to promote the tweets. This is the profile which your ads will be created for.
  3. After you have logged in, head to
  4. Choose your time zone and country. Select the currency of your country, with the time zone where you would like to build the campaign. You will not be able to alter these values once you have created the ads account.
  5. Now, you will be directed to the setup of your campaign form or the mode set up.
  6. Enter the billing details to finish the ads account creation and begin the campaign.

How to log in to Twitter Ads Manager and manage access to the Twitter Ads Account?

After you have gathered information on How to create a Twitter ads account? Now, you can know how to log in and manage access to your ads account on Twitter.

  1. To log in to the ads account of Twitter, you need open from Google.
  2. This must be the handle that is associated with the ads account.
  3. If you are using a multi-user account, you need to log in to the account from where you will be managing the ads.
  4. From there, visit the official Twitter website
  5. If you have several ads account on this social platform, click on the account name at the upper right side of the screen, and then click on the ‘Switch accounts’ tab.
  6. Next, select the ads account you want to check
  7. Now, you will be taken to the ads manager section, where you can manage and view the campaigns.

How to add a credit/debit card to your Twitter Ads Account?

Twitter ads are payable through debit and credit cards. If you are a self-service user you can pay the charges using the official currency of your country, and make sure that Twitter self-service is available in your country. Twitter accepts several cards. However, if you want to add the debit or credit card to the ads account on Twitter follow the below steps.

  1. Go to and log in to the online account.
  2. Next, hit on your account name situated at the top right side corner of the page.
  3. Choose the ‘Payment Methods’ tab from the drop-down list.
  4. Hit on the ‘Add new funding source’ button in that section.
  5. Add your credit or debit card number, CVV, expiration date, email, and billing address.
  6. Now, click on the ‘Proceed to confirmation’ tab and confirm the card.
  7. The card you added will go through some internal check.
  8. If your card is approved, you are all set, and it will show Valid in the payment methods section. Now, you are ready to start the campaigns.

How to delete Twitter Ad Account?

If you know How to create a Twitter ads account? You should also know how to delete the ads account on Twitter.

You will not be able to delete the ads account on Twitter, because it’s connected with your organic Twitter profile of yours. However, you can always cancel the ads account to make sure no charges are deducted from your bank account. You can pause or delete using two locations: on the individual campaign managing page or the summary page of the campaign.

  • To pause on the campaign summary section, hit on the small pause icon near the campaign.
  • On the other hand, to pause the campaign on the individual managing section, you have to click on the ‘Pause campaign’ tab.

To delete your credit or debit card from the Twitter ads account:

  1. Go to the ‘Account’ tab, and go to the ‘Payment Methods’ section. Next, click on the ‘Delete this card’ button.
  2. Remember that this will only be possible when you have paused the campaign for two days, and you have cleared the bills. Once you have deleted the card, you won’t have to cancel the ads account on Twitter.


You can create an ads account on Twitter and can cancel it too. The campaign services are very easy with this social media platform. To stop the campaign you can simply delete your card from Twitter.

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