How to crosspost on Facebook? (videos and other posts) [in 2022]

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If you are sharing many videos to your Facebook pages or broadcasting Facebook lives then crossposting on Facebook can be a useful feature.

Currently, Facebook crossposting is only available for videos, but in this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to give you a hint on how you can crosspost any other media on Facebook.

Establishing a Facebook crossposting relationship between Facebook pages

So if you want to crosspost on Facebook, here is how you can set up the relationship that is necessary for Facebook crossposting:

  1. Open up the Facebook page that you want to connect to another Facebook page for crossposting
  2. On the left column, click on ‘Settings’Facebook Page Settings
  3. Then click on ‘Crossposting’ on the left column again.Facebook Crossposting settings
  4. Here you will be able to add the Facebook page that you want to crosspost toadd Facebook page to be able to crosspost
  5. A popup will then appear where you have to choose whether you want to approve crossposted videos to appear on your FB page.request crossposting relationship between Facebook pages
  6. If you are the admin of both Facebook pages, the crossposting will be automatically approved.

How to crosspost on Facebook?

Once the crossposting relationship between two pages has been enabled, you can crosspost on Facebook.

Here is how to crosspost on Facebook:

  1. Open the Facebook page from where you want to crosspost
  2. Click on ‘Create posts’Create posts on a new Facebook page
  3. Click on the three dots, so you can choose to upload a videoupload video or photo to Facebook post
  4. Upload the video that you want to crosspost to the Facebook pages
  5. Once the video has been uploaded scroll down to the section Make Available to Other Pages and select which Pages you want to allow to use your Page’s video in their posts.
  6. Select the Facebook pages then click on ‘Create posts’.

The Facebook video post will be crossposted on all the selected Facebook pages.

If you prefer a video, check out this video tutorial on how to cross post on Facebook:

Crossposting on Facebook regular Facebook posts

If you want to crosspost not only videos on Facebook but regular Facebook posts then currently you can’t really use Facebook functionality for this.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds for this. You can use a social media scheduler but they are kind of limited in functionality and they get pretty expensive if you start to increase the number of accounts you want to use for crossposting.

So we would recommend trying out some marketing automation services like Zapier or Integromat instead that makes it possible to crosspost on multiple Facebook pages any kind of media at the same time.

Can’t crosspost on Facebook

Keep in mind that you are only able to crosspost videos with Facebook crossposting functionality.

At the moment Facebook doesn’t allow you to crosspost videos from your mobile phone.

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