How To Delete A YouTube Video Forever From Your Channel? [In 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you want to remove a video completely from your YouTube channel, then one of the options is to delete the YouTube video permanently.

In this YouTube tutorial, we are going to show you how to delete a YouTube video from your YouTube channel and share some essential related information you need to know related to this.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, check out this one:

How to delete a YouTube video from your YouTube channel?

Here is how to delete a video from your YouTube channel:

  1. Open YouTube Studio of your channel
  2. Click on ‘Content’ on the left column.
  3. Find the YouTube video you want to delete
  4. Hover over the video details.
  5. The three dots will appear, click on it.
  6. Select ‘Delete forever’.how to delete youtube video forever
  7. Check ‘I understand that deleting a draft video from YouTube is permanent and cannot be undone.’delete youtube video forever
  8. Select ‘Delete Video’

The YouTube video now gets deleted from the YouTube channel and nobody will be able to see the video on YouTube anymore.

What happens when you delete a YouTube video?

When you delete a YouTube video the way we have shown it is deleted permanently. So you won’t be able to make the YouTube video public again.

You will also lose all the comments that have been shared on the video and you will also lose any YouTube analytics data that you had.

Additionally, you also lose the views and the watch time the deleted YouTube video had, so keep this in mind if you haven’t reached the YouTube monetization requirements of 4000 Public Watch hours.

Can’t delete YouTube video

Here is the most common reason why you can’t delete a YouTube video:

You have to be a manager or the owner of a YouTube channel to be able to delete a YouTube video. If you have a lower-level YouTube channel role, you won’t be able to delete the YouTube video.

Also, after you delete the YouTube video, make sure to refresh the page and you will see that the YT video got deleted.

Can you restore a deleted YouTube video?

No, when you delete a YouTube video, the decision is final and you can’t recover a deleted YouTube video

Your only option is to save the original source video file and upload the video again. Or you can also download the YouTube video before you would delete it.

However, you can’t reupload the YouTube video and recover the deleted comments, analytics and views data. You will lose all of that when you delete a YouTube video.

Deleting vs making a YouTube video unlisted

Because of this aspect of deleting a YouTube video, in most cases, you don’t really want to delete a YouTube video.

Even if you are embarrassed of the video, we would recommend not deleting the YT video but instead making the YouTube video unlisted. So it will be removed from the public, but you can still see all the video stats, comments, etc on the video.

And you can also change your mind and make the video public again.

The only case when we recommend deleting the YouTube video is if you get a copyright strike or similar YouTube penalty/strike on the video.

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