How to Download a Twitter Archive? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, and if you are thinking about deleting your Twitter account then save some time to read this article about how to download a Twitter Archive.

Deleting your social media account permanently is not a solution because if you are using Twitter for ages then you might have thousands of Tweets, pictures, comments, replies, videos, GIFs, and retweets on your account.

If you delete your Twitter profile then you will lose these contents forever and that is why you should archive your Twitter content.

What is Twitter Archive?

Twitter Archive allows you to save everything that you have tweeted by downloading your Twitter content and saving it to your device. Twitter Archive downloading will allow browsing your Twitter information (from the first Tweet).

The process to request your archive is only done through the website of Twitter. So it is suggested to do it on a desktop but it is also possible through your tablet or phone. All that is needed to be done is to request Twitter for the information and you will receive a file.

You have to download this file and voila! You will have access to every data of your Twitter profile.

How to Download a Twitter Archive?

Here is how to download a Twitter archive:

  1. Launch your Twitter app/ website
  2. Click on the top left corner of the profile picture or icon so that the dropdown menu appears/click on the ‘more’ option.
  3. Go to your ‘settings and privacy’ option
  4. Go to the ‘your account’ option
  5. Select the ‘data and permissions’ option
  6. Click on ‘your Twitter data’ option
  7. A log-in request will appear on your provided email or phone number once you click on ‘send code’ selection to verify the identity
  8. Next, you have to enter your code for logging in and your identity will be verified.
  9. You need to click the ‘download your data’ option
  10. Tap on the ‘request archive’ or ‘request data’ option.

Twitter will send a message stating that it can take the time up to twenty-four hours for processing your request after you had verified your account.

  1. After this, your download will be ready and Twitter will send you a notification on your email.
  2. Click on the ‘download your data’ option under which you need to click on the ‘download archive option’
  3. Twitter will send you a notification via email with the download link
  4. In the mail click on the ‘download’ option being logged into the Twitter account
  5. Lastly, you need to download the .zip file that is of your archive of Twitter.

It is also possible to download the machine-readable option of your archived information in JSON and HTML files.

What assets will be downloaded with the Twitter Archive?

The main assets include the most important and relevant information about your Direct messages, tweets, personal profile information, media like your pictures, videos, moments, and GIFs that are attached to your Tweets, address book, your follower’s list, list of the accounts which you follow, your created lists, your list of interests, list of members, demographic information about you, and details about the advertisements that you have engaged with or seen on Twitter, etc.

As mentioned previously in this article it is also possible to download the machine-readable options that are archived information of Twitter in JSON and HTML files.

Can’t download a Twitter Archive?

Many of us face the issue of not being able to download or open the .zip file. Then how to download a Twitter Archive?

This can be a huge problem as you have all your data in that file. Twitter needs to fix this ASAP.

The zipped file needs to be unzipped but special software is required for that and the index.html files stop responding.

What to do in this situation?

Well, you can right-click on the ‘Tweets’ that are in the downloaded zipped folder. Next, you need to click on ‘extract all’. You can send these files anywhere on the documents or desktop or wherever you like. This process will extract all the content or files (from the zipped folder) and you can plant them anywhere you like. Lastly, you should go to the file where you have planted it (destination) and click on the option index.html, where it will display them correctly.

So Twitter lovers do not worry about your data. It can stay with you for a lifetime. And if you have a wish to delete your account, give it a second thought and Archive every data possible.

I hope this article on how to download a Twitter Archive was helpful for you. Happy Archiving!

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