Most Interesting Facebook Ads Statistics in 2022

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Facebook advertising statistics show that Facebook ads have dominated the online advertising market over the past 10 years and account for a significant share of the global online advertising market.

Read our article on Facebook advertising statistics to find out:

  • how much companies spend on Facebook ads,
  • how many companies are advertising on Facebook globally,
  • when do advertisers spend most on Facebook ads,
  • and many other interesting Facebook advertising statistics and facts.

In this article, we will mainly share Facebook advertising statistics, as we have discussed general Facebook statistics in a separate article. Check out the end of the article for other Facebook and user number statistics.

Sources of Facebook ads statistics

The FB advertising statistics included in our compilation are either from Facebook’s official quarterly reports or from other research and surveys. If we use a source other than Facebook, we will indicate this by citing the original source.

What’s important to understand is that when we talk about Facebook ads and Facebook ads statistics, we’re not just talking about ads on or in the Facebook app, but all Facebook Ads products. In other words, the ad data presented usually includes Instagram ads and WhatsApp ads, Facebook Messenger, and Audience Network ads.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the actual Facebook ads statistics.

Highlights of the Facebook Ads statistics

First, let’s look at the Facebook ads statistics that we found to be the most important:

  1. In 2020, the number of monthly active Facebook advertisers exceeded 10 million, tripling the number of monthly active Facebook advertisers in just 4 years ( of Facebook advertisers
  2. Facebook ad revenue exceeded $84 billion USD in 2021.facebook advertising revenue - Facebook ads statistics
  3. Facebook’s non-ad revenue, although up significantly from previous years, has not yet reached $1 billion.
  4. 96.8% of Facebook’s revenue comes from Facebook advertising fees.
  5. With Facebook advertising media buyers can reach 35% of the world’s population.

Facebook Ads Cost Statistics

In our article about Facebook advertising costs, we showed that there are many ways to measure how much a Facebook ad costs.

The Facebook ad prices and costs shown here are the averages for the US market, there can be significant variations between countries and demographic groups. The data presented here is from database.

6. As of 2021, the average cost per click-through (CPC) from a Facebook ad was $0.458.

7. Also according to revealbot’s database, the average cost to install mobile apps for ad campaigns from Facebook was 89 USD.

8. According to revealbot’s Facebook ads stats, the average cost per purchase was $17.6 USD in Q1 2021.

9. The same ad cost per purchase for Instagram was US$26.42.

Facebook Advertising effectiveness stats

10. According to Hubspot’s survey, online marketers ranked Facebook ads as the advertising platform with the highest ROI, ahead of Google search ads.

11. Adespresso research found that Facebook ads on mobile performed on average 45% better than ads on desktop.

12. Facebook’s own data shows that ads optimized for mobile with a vertical display result in 27% higher brand lift.

13. Facebook ads generate the highest return on investment in the first quarter when significantly fewer Facebook advertisers bid for display space.

Other interesting Facebook Ads statistics

14. According to Facebook’s own survey in Colombia, 67% of users prefer video ads to photo ads.

15. According to Statista’s Facebook Ads statistics, click-through rates (CTR) for video ads range from 1.05% to 3.42%, with the oldest age group generally having a higher click-through rate.

16. Facebook makes 3 times more money on the average US or Canadian user than on a European user, and 25 times more than on a 3rd world country user. (

Facebook Ads stats sources

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