Facebook Open Graph Debugger – How To Use It? In [2021]

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Open Graph meta tags can make sure that the blog posts, product pages shared from your website on Facebook, appear nice and the way you want it on the News Feed, in Messenger messages, etc. If you want to test what open graph tags have been set up for a webpage and how they look then you can check it with Facebook’s Open Graph Debugger.

In this short tutorial, we are going to show you how to use Facebook Debugger.

Where you can find Facebook Open Graph Debugger?

You can access Facebook’s Open Graph Debugger by clicking on this link: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

By simply googling ‘Open Graph Debugger’, it will be the first result on Google.

Facebook Debugger

How to use Open Graph Debugger?

It is really easy to use the Open Graph Debugger. Just grab the URL that you would like to test, and paste into the Open Graph Debugger like so and then click on ‘Debug’:

Debug page's OG Meta tag with Facebook Debugger

Facebook Debugger first will list out if you have any missing properties.

Facebook Debugger Warning and when they scraped the URL

Then it will list out all the parameters that have been set up and you can check each of the properties’ values:

Facebook Open Graph tags scraped by the Facebook Debugger

You can also check out a tutorial on the Facebook Debugger here:

How to test multiple Open Graph tags?

You have the opportunity to test open graph meta tags of multiple URLs in bulk. All you have to do is to switch the tab to Batch Invalidator where you can add the URLs separated by space.

Facebook Debugger Batch Invalidator

Facebook then will spit out a list of the URLs, indicating if any of them has any errors.

What are these Open Graph Meta tags and how to fix them?

If you have no idea what these Open Graph meta tags are and how you can fix these Open Graph meta tags then we would recommend checking out this tutorial:

This URL Hasn’t Been Shared On Facebook Before

If Facebook doesn’t have this URL in their database then you might get a message like this when you paste the URL that you want to test for OG meta tags.

this url hasn't been shared on Facebook before

Don’t worry, in this case, all you have to do is to click on ‘Fetch new information’ and Facebook Debugger will test the URL for open graph meta tags.

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