3 Best Ways to Find Facebook Retargeting Ad Examples and Ideas (2 Of Them Are Free)

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Facebook retargeting campaigns are the most profitable campaign types on Facebook. However, in order to get a better ROAS on your Facebook remarketing campaigns, it is not enough to set up and target the right remarketing audiences. You also need ad creatives and copies that are really resonating with your potential customers.

The best way to create effective Facebook retargeting ads is by recreating retargeting ads that others are getting huge success from. But where you can find these successful Facebook retargeting ads?

In this guide, we will show you our three top ways how we get inspiration from other successful Facebook advertisers.

Facebook Retargeting Strategies

Before we would show our top three ways to find great Facebook retargeting ads examples it is important to emphasize that in order to be successful with your retargeting ads, you can’t use the same ad creatives for your Facebook retargeting ads as you would use for your Facebook cold ad campaigns.

There are many strategies how you can get the attention of someone that is already familiar with your brand or with your products/services. In this article, you can check out some great ideas on what angles you can use when you retarget someone on Facebook.

Some of our favorite Facebook retargeting strategies are:

  • Product testimonials
  • Scarcity (Time is running out, limited supplies)
  • Influencer video
  • Price discount

You can get also more ideas in this video:

When you are browsing retargeting ads ideas, keep these strategies in mind, and try to recreate the retargeting ad ideas and examples you see there

Facebook Retargeting Ads Examples and Ideas

We have found three awesome ways how you can find great Facebook remarketing ads examples and ideas. Two of them are free, for the third one you have to pay for:

  • Facebook Ad Library (free)
  • Get on the remarketing list of other companies (free)
  • Facebook Ad Spy tools (paid)

Get retargeting ad examples: Facebook Ad Library

The easiest way to find great Facebook retargeting ads examples (and for that matter any kind of other Facebook ads) is by using Facebook’s own tool, the free Facebook Ad Library.

Facebook Ad Library

It is a searchable database of all ads currently active on Facebook, Instagram or Facebook Messenger. You can access it by clicking on this link.

You can search for any Facebook page, and you will see all of the ads the specific Facebook Page runs at that specific moment. You can see all of their ad creatives and copies and even click through on ads where they placed the link in the ad description as well.

If you want to learn more about the Facebook ad library, you can read our comprehensive article about it here.

Get on the Facebook Retargeting list of competitors

The second easy and free way that you can get great ideas and see successful examples of Facebook retargeting ads is by visiting the sites of your main competitors and not just visit the home page, but browse the website as an engaged user would do.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website, we would recommend you to almost purchase at least one product from many of your competitors. So, view multiple products, add it to your cart and check it out with it. Basically, do everything except purchasing the products. 

If your competitor is active on Facebook and knows what they are doing you should be definitely retargeted with their Facebook retargeting ads and you might see some ad creative angles or other retargeting ad examples you haven’t thought of before.

Get Facebook retargeting ads examples: Facebook Ad Spy softwares

There are multiple SaaS companies that provide so-called ad spy software that is basically a searchable collection of a lot of advertisements run on ad networks such as Facebook.

One of the unique features these solutions provide that they also share the engagement data on the ads. You can use these data to see which are the most successful Facebook or Instagram ads a certain competitor runs or ran. And unlike Facebook Ad library, you can also see ads that are not active anymore. (which are the majority of successful ads)

If you are into dropshipping, you can also use these tools to research successful products that you can also start selling right now. If they are successful with it, you have a good chance to be also successful with them if not too many dropshippers started to promote it yet.

Some of the most popular Facebook ad spy tools are the following:

As most of these tools can’t be used for free or have a very limited free functionality in most cases, for the premium price they are also able to provide you retargeting ad examples not only for Facebook but for other popular PPC ad platforms and some also for native ad platforms. For example, SEMrush also provides capabilities for SEO and organic google traffic research.

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