How to find alumni on LinkedIn? [in 2022] – LinkedIn Alumni Tool

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LinkedIn makes it really easy to find your alumni with the LinkedIn Alumni Search tool and then and connect and network with them.

In this beginner LinkedIn tutorial, we are going to show you how to find alumni on LinkedIn and how to use the LinkedIn alumni tool.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to find alumni on LinkedIn, check out this tutorial:

What is Linkedin Alumni Tool, and why should you use it?

LinkedIn Alumni Tool is a valuable LinkedIn tool for alumni and helps you find alumni by connecting with them and seeing their contact information. It’s also a great place to find people who might want to work with you or for you.

LinkedIn Alumni Tool lets you create an easy-to-follow profile and search for contacts that graduated from your school. You can use the LinkedIn Alumni tool to connect with other alumni or find someone who might be a good fit for your company or be a potential business partner.

LinkedIn Alumni Tool is simple, easy, and allows ex-students to connect with old friends and classmates from their colleges and universities..

How to find alumni on LinkedIn?

If you want to find alumni on LinkedIn, just type in into the address bar of your browser. LinkedIn should redirect to the page of your school if you are signed in and you added your schools to your LinkedIn profile.

find alumni on LinkedIn

Or alternatively, you can also use the LinkedIn search bar at the top to search for your alumni with a specific keyword associated with your college or university.

You might also want to do some exploring in general, though. You might find someone who wants to connect with you because they graduated from the same school as you did! If that’s not enough for you, check out their profiles and see if there might be a connection that could help you build your network.

Other ways to find your alumni on LinkedIn?

You might be able to find your alumni on LinkedIn by using the advanced search option. You can type in the school name, city, or state and see if members have a connection to that location. This is also a good option if you’re unsure how you got connected with others on LinkedIn.

If you’re still having trouble finding your alumni on LinkedIn, try searching for them by their name and other keywords associated with your college or university.

As an alumna or alumnus of a school, it’s possible that someone could search for you just by typing in your full name or the name of your school. You’ll want to update your LinkedIn profile to include any relevant information about yourself so that people who are searching for you will find it!

Can’t find an alumnus on LinkedIn?

If you can’t find an alumnus on LinkedIn, it might be because the school has not yet created a profile.

In addition, it may be that they aren’t checking their account often enough. If you want to contact them, look at their profile and see if they have any email addresses listed. From there, send them an email!

Other information related to finding alumni and recent graduates on Linkedin

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and alumni. It offers members to connect with other alumni from the same college or university and find new connections. You can search for people on LinkedIn by keyword, school name, location, or degree.

It’s also easy to find recent graduates of your college. Just type in your school name and search.

In addition to searching for people on the site, LinkedIn offers job postings and news related to specific schools. If you’re looking to get a job at a company that your alma mater has some connection with, this will be an excellent resource for you.

This is just one example of how LinkedIn can be used as an effective tool for finding fellow alumni or recent graduates.

Summing up – Connecting with alumni on LinkedIn

In order to find your alumni on LinkedIn, you must first create a LinkedIn account and add that school to your LinkedIn profile.

You can then search for alumni by searching for their names. After you have found your alumni on LinkedIn, you will be able to view their profile, contact information, and other relevant information.

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