How To Follow A Hashtag On Twitter? [in 2022]

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A hashtag on Twitter is important for you that you want to read every Tweet where a certain hashtag has been added?

In this beginner Twitter tutorial, we are going to show you multiple ways how to follow a hashtag on Twitter?

Can you follow a hashtag on Twitter and why should you follow hashtags?

There are many different methods through which you can follow a hashtag on Twitter.

Method 1: How To follow Twitter Hashtags Through a Browser

Step 1: Log in to the Twitter account and click/choose the “Home” button. It will also be the default page.

Step 2: You will see a bar for searching items in the top right corner. You can put the hashtag in the bar for searching items as your search term and conduct a search for it.

Step 3: The search will reveal the results. You can bookmark the relevant page in the browser as well.

Step 4: To know what is happening in the hashtag, all you need is to click/choose the bookmark for the next time.

Method 2: Following the Twitter Hashtags Within Twitter

You can also save a hashtag on the website Twitter. The method can make your hashtag search quick.

Step 1: Use a single word as a search term in the bar for searching items. It is the same bar for searching items that is located on the Home page.

Step 2: Hit the button “enter” and all the related search terms will appear.

Step 3: You will find 3 dots placed horizontally beside the bar for searching items. It is for finding out more options.

Step 4: Click/choose the3 dots and you will see the option “save search”.

Step 5: Click/choose the option “save search” and the hashtag will be added to the “saved” list.

Step 6: The next time, you can easily check the latest on the hashtag you saved, as the saved hashtags will appear automatically within the list of the search box.

Method 4: Following a hashtag on Your Smartphone/Mobile

It is possible to follow a hashtag on the Twitter app. However, you can only do it through the bookmark option or by using Tweetdeck. Remember that you will not be getting an option to save your hashtag search on the app of Twitter.

Method 4: Using Tweetdeck

The step-by-step procedure for searching for a hashtag on Twitter using Tweetdeck is given in the next section of the article.

A hashtag is represented by the symbol “#”.

Twitter Hashtags can be followed and used to connect with the different causes and people and to make comments as well. When you add a hashtag before a phrase or a keyword, it ensures that a tweet can be searched easily.

It also ensures that the comment or tweet can be easily retweeted and others can follow and search it. When you follow a hashtag, you can instantly know the latest of it that is happening on Twitter.

How to follow a hashtag on Twitter by saving your Hashtag search?

As stated, you simply need to click/choose the three dots located on the bar for searching items and choose the “save search” option to save any hashtag you wish. It will appear on the search list whenever you take the cursor there. You can choose it to reach the web pages instantly.

How to follow hashtags on Twitter by using Tweetdeck?

Tweetdeck has been now acquired and bought by Twitter. It ensures a more customized and simple user experience. Tweetdeck will show all the interests of a user on a single screen.

Step 1: Go to the website and log in. You have to log in using Twitter credentials only.

Step 2: You will find the column named ” Trending”. It will list the current news, hashtags, and trends.

Step 3. The menu on the left will have the “+” icon. Click on it to find your hashtag column.

Step 4. You will find the “search” option within the menu. Here you can conduct a search for a hashtag you wish.

Step 5: The search will reveal all the results. You can scroll to view them.

List of 3rd party apps you can use to follow Twitter hashtaga

There are third-party avenues and applications that you can use for following a hashtag on Twitter. These applications include free apps as well as paid apps. Some of the best apps that you can use when you wish to follow a hashtag include:

  • Twubs
  • Tagboard
  • Talkwalker

Can’t follow a Twitter hashtag

You must be logged into your Twitter account to search for a hashtag. Also, if you are following the browser method and have bookmarked the hashtag page, it may change in some cases.

While a hashtag of a company or a name won’t change in most cases, it may change in other cases.

You will have to perform the search again as the bookmark page will not work if the hashtag has changed. Also, if you are using Tweetdeck, remember that it is available on a web browser only.


Knowing how to follow a hashtag on Twitter and the methods for saving the hashtag searches can ensure that you can track your interest easily on the social media networking website.

You can now use the methods listing listed above to follow any hashtag on Twitter on the web browser or the mobile application of Twitter.

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