How To Get Verified On Twitter? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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If you’re on Twitter regularly, you’ve probably noticed how some people have a little “Verification Badge” next to their names. Have you ever wondered what it means to have one? Who gets to have one? Can you also have your Twitter account verified?

In this Twitter marketing tutorial, we are going to explain how Twitter verification works and how you can get verified on Twitter, so you can get that nice blue checkmark next to your Twitter display name.

What does it mean to be verified on Twitter?

Account verification is something only Twitter can do.

Once a request meets the requirements and is received, your account will be manually reviewed by Twitter to make sure it is authentic, credible, and of general interest and value to the larger Twitter audience. If the necessary criteria are met, you will receive the verification badge next to your name.

Account verification has become a more urgent need recently due to the number of fake, hacked, a bot accounts out there. The main reason for this extra step is to prevent fake accounts from contacting, spamming, or otherwise harassing large numbers of users on the social media platform.

Verified accounts are in no way affiliated with Twitter, and verification does not imply any special membership or endorsement from the company.

It simply means a particular Twitter account is real and legitimately being managed by the person or people saying so.

How to get verified on Twitter?

Asking Twitter to verify your account is an easy process, but not everyone meets the minimum requirements for verification, and not every request gets approved.

Here is how to get verified on Twitter:

1) Go to Settings and Privacy& Your Account & Account Information

2) Click’Request Verification’ and hit ‘Start Request’ in the window that pops opens

3) Select which category your Twitter account falls into

4) Select which type of account you have

5) Provide proof that your account is actually part of the above type and category.

(Depending on your answers for steps 3&4, Twitter will ask you to provide some form of proof-and the exact type of proof will vary with each category. More on that below.)

6) Provide a copy of a piece of government ID and/or official email address and website to confirm your identify.

7) Review that all information is accurate and submit.

Who can be verified on Twitter?

Not everyone can get verified on Twitter, and not everyone needs to. Personal accounts and people unaffiliated with any business, organization, or industry are not what the Twitter verification program was created for. These people will not be able to get past steps 3 and 4 of the verification request.

For your account to be considered for verification, it needs to be in one of the following categories:

  • + Government
  • + News organizations or people in the news
  • + Companies, brands and organizations
  • + Entertainment
  • + Sports
  • + Activists and movement organizers
  • + Content creators and social media influences

What are the requirements for Twitter verification?

The three requirements for getting verified are that your account must be authentic, notable, and active.


Making sure you are who you say you are is the first pillar of Twitter verification. For this, they might ask for copies of government-issued IDs, links to an official website, and an official email address.


Twitter only verifies accounts that are connected with a prominent person, business, or organization. It’s important that you’re able to provide evidence of this.

They may ask for any of the following as proof of your account’s notability:

  • Mentions or appearances in news coverage
  • Link to Google Trends profile
  • Link to Wikipedia page
  • Link to other industry-specific pages (ex: IMDB)
  • Stock exchange profile


Finally, your account needs to have a complete profile, been active in the last six months, have a confirmed email and phone number, and not have violated Twitter’s rules.

What if you can’t get verified on Twitter?

A lot of users who don’t meet the requirements for a verification badge still request one anyway.

In these cases, their request usually stalls between steps 3 and 5.

Once all steps have been completed and you submit the request, it may take Twitter up to a week to respond.

You’ll receive an email either confirming the verification of your account, rejecting your request for verification, or asking more proof or documentation.

If your verification request is rejected, you can re-apply again after 30 days.

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