Top 22 Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas That Will Get Views [in 2024]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Are you looking for fresh lifestyle YouTube video ideas for your YouTube channel?

Are you struggling to come up with engaging content that will keep your audience coming back for more? Look no further!

In this YouTube video ideas article, we’ve compiled a list of 22 of the best lifestyle YouTube video ideas that will help you grow your channel and keep your viewers entertained.

Top 22 lifestyle YouTube video ideas

  1. Budget-friendly home decor tips YouTube video: In this video, you can share your favorite hacks for sprucing up your home on a budget. This could include repurposing old furniture, finding stylish home decor items at thrift stores, or making your own DIY projects.
  2. Delicious recipes YouTube video: Share your favorite recipes with your audience, whether it’s a healthy smoothie bowl, a comforting casserole, or a decadent dessert. Be sure to include step-by-step instructions and helpful tips for recreating the dish at home.
  3. Day in the life: Give your audience a glimpse into your daily routine by filming a “day in the life” style video. This could include everything from your morning routine and workouts to your workday and evenings.
  4. Travel vlogs: Take your viewers along on your adventures with travel vlogs. Share your favorite destinations, give travel tips, and document your experiences along the way.
  5. Beauty and fashion hauls: Show off your latest beauty and fashion purchases and give your thoughts on each item. You can also include makeup and fashion tutorials in this type of video.
  6. Product reviews YouTube video: Share your honest thoughts on products you’ve tried, whether it’s a skincare routine or a new kitchen gadget. Be sure to include both the pros and cons of each product.
  7. Healthy living tips YouTube video: Share your tips for living a healthy and balanced life, whether it’s exercise routines, healthy recipes, or stress-management techniques.
  8. Career advice YouTube video: Share your experience and knowledge in your career field and offer advice to others looking to pursue similar careers. This could include job search tips, resume and cover letter writing advice, and tips for navigating the job market.
  9. Parenting tips YouTube video: If you’re a parent, share your experiences and offer advice to other parents. This could include everything from pregnancy and childbirth to raising children of different ages.
  10. Personal finance advice: Share your tips for managing money, saving for the future, and investing. This could include budgeting advice, debt repayment strategies, and tips for building wealth.
  11. Mental health and self-care: Share your tips for taking care of your mental health and practicing self-care. This could include meditation techniques, therapy tips, and self-care rituals.
  12. DIY projects: Share your favorite DIY projects with your audience, including step-by-step instructions and helpful tips.
  13. Gardening tips: Share your knowledge of gardening and offer tips to those looking to start their own garden. This could include plant selection, soil preparation, and gardening techniques.
  14. Pet care: Share your experiences and knowledge of pet care, including tips for selecting the right pet, training, and caring for your furry friends.
  15. Environmentalism: Share your passion for the environment and offer tips for living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  16. Food and drink taste tests: Try out new food and drink products and share your thoughts with your audience. You could do this alone or with a group of friends for a more lighthearted and fun video.
  17. Cultural experiences: Share your experiences immersing yourself in different cultures and offer tips for others looking to do the same. This could include learning a new language, trying new foods, or participating in cultural traditions.
  18. Book club: Start a book club with your audience and discuss your favorite reads. This could include book recommendations, discussion questions, and your thoughts on each book.
  19. Movie and TV show recommendations: Share your favorite movies and TV shows with your audience and offer recommendations for what to watch next
  20. Personal growth and development: Share your journey towards personal growth and development and offer tips and advice to others looking to do the same. This could include topics such as self-improvement, goal setting, and overcoming challenges.
  21. Hobbies and passions: Share your hobbies and passions with your audience and offer tips for those looking to pursue similar interests. This could include everything from painting and drawing to cooking and hiking.
  22. Collaborations with other creators: Collaborate with other creators in your niche and share your experiences and insights with your audience. This could be a great way to bring new perspectives and ideas to your channel and engage with a new audience.

How to come up with even more lifestyle YouTube video ideas?

There are many ways you can come up with even more lifestyle YouTube video ideas. Here are a few tips:

  1. Look at what’s trending: Keep an eye on what’s popular in your niche and consider creating content that aligns with current trends.
  2. Seek inspiration from other creators: Take a look at what other creators in your niche are doing and see if there are any ideas you can borrow or build upon.
  3. Pay attention to your audience: Look at the comments and questions your audience is leaving on your videos and consider creating content that addresses their interests and concerns.
  4. Experiment with different formats: Try out different formats, such as vlogs, tutorials, Q&A videos, and challenges, to see what works best for your audience.
  5. Keep an idea journal: Whenever you come up with a new idea for a video, write it down in a journal or on your phone. You can refer back to this journal when you’re feeling stuck and need inspiration for your next video.
  6. Collaborate with others: Collaborating with other creators can help you come up with new ideas and bring new perspectives to your channel.
  7. Look at your own life: Your own experiences and interests can be a great source of inspiration for your videos. Consider sharing your hobbies, passions, and daily routines with your audience.

How to evaluate the lifestyle YouTube video ideas you have come up with?

Here are a few tips for evaluating the lifestyle YouTube video ideas you have come up with:

  1. Consider your audience: Is the idea something that your audience will be interested in? Will it resonate with them and keep them coming back for more lifestyle YouTube videos?
  2. Consider the value of the idea: Will the idea provide value to your audience? Will it teach them something new, entertain them, or inspire them in some way?
  3. Consider your own interests: Will the idea be something that you are passionate about and will enjoy creating? It’s important to choose ideas that you are excited about, as this will come through in your content and keep you motivated to continue creating.
  4. Consider the feasibility of the idea: Can you realistically execute the idea within your current resources and constraints? It’s important to be realistic about what you can accomplish and not bite off more than you can chew.
  5. Consider the competition: Is the idea something that has been done before, or is it unique and fresh? While it’s okay to borrow ideas from others, you’ll want to ensure that your lifestyle YouTube content stands out from the competition.

How to Promote & Produce YouTube lifestyle videos to get views on your lifestyle YouTube channel?

Here are a few tips for producing YouTube lifestyle videos to get views on your lifestyle YouTube channel:

  1. Invest in good equipment: While you don’t need the most expensive gear to create high-quality lifestyle YouTube videos, it’s important to invest in equipment that will produce clear and crisp audio and video. This could include a good quality microphone, lighting equipment, and a camera.
  2. Edit your lifestyle YouTube videos: Editing your videos can help you create a more polished and professional final product. You can use video editing software to cut out unnecessary footage, add transitions, and enhance the overall look of your video.
  3. Use engaging visuals: Use visually appealing elements in your videos, such as graphics, images, and slides, to keep your audience engaged.
  4. Practice good storytelling: Tell a compelling story in your videos that will keep your audience interested. This could include using a clear structure, using engaging visuals, and using a captivating voiceover or on-camera narration.
  5. Promote your videos: Promote your videos on social media, in your email newsletters, and on your website to get more views. You can also consider reaching out to other creators in your niche and asking for collaborations or shoutouts.
  6. Engage with your audience: Engaging with your audience through comments and social media can help build a loyal following and encourage more views on your videos.
  7. Consistency is key: Consistently publishing new lifestyle YouTube video content on your channel will help keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Consider creating a content calendar to help you stay on track and ensure that you are consistently publishing new lifestyle YouTube videos.

Top Lifestyle YouTube Video Ideas – Summary

In this article, we discussed 22 of the best lifestyle YouTube video ideas that can help you grow your channel and keep your audience engaged.

From budget-friendly home decor tips and delicious recipes to personal finance advice and cultural experiences, this list has something for everyone.

In order to produce successful YouTube lifestyle videos, it’s important to invest in good equipment, edit your videos, use engaging visuals, practice good storytelling, promote your videos, engage with your audience, and be consistent in publishing new content.

By following these tips and implementing these video ideas, you can take your lifestyle YouTube channel to the next level and build a loyal following of viewers.

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