Types of LinkedIn Campaign Objectives Explained [in 2022]

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Before you create an advertising campaign on LinkedIn, you have to select its campaign objective. The LinkedIn campaign objective guarantees that you reach out to the needed audience and get the desired feedback from them. Let’s take a look at each campaign objective available on LinkedIn in this LinkedIn ads tutorial.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn campaign types, check out this one.

Types of LinkedIn campaign objectives

LinkedIn Ads Campaign Objectives are broken down into 3 categories. The first one is awareness-oriented. It focuses on telling people about your product so they come to know you better.

By giving people insights about your business and introducing them to your product in creative ways, you improve your brand awareness. You can also dedicate your advertising campaign to increasing consideration. There are 3 main goals you may meet with such a campaign: getting more traffic to your website, more likes, and shares, or more views to your videos.

Finally, conversion-oriented campaigns have the role to optimize the conversion rate on your LinkedIn account and business website.

LinkedIn Brand Awareness Campaign

Awareness campaigns don’t have the goal to capture leads or improve conversion. They are just focused on making people familiar with your product or service. To make sure your campaign sparks the interest of people, it has to be engaging and clear.

There are different types of LinkedIn ads that support the Brand Awareness objective. They include video ads, single image ads, carousel ads, and event ads. The more captivating and informative they are, the more simple visitors will become your followers.

LinkedIn Website Visits ad campaign

If a campaign’s objective is Website Visits, it will focus on encouraging people to visit your website. The ads that are compatible with such an objective include text ads, carousel ads, spotlight ads, video ads and more.

Website Visits is one of the 3 LinkedIn advertising campaigns that have the main goal of increasing people’s consideration towards your business. This type of ads is crucial as it makes people engaged with your business and brings them a step closer to becoming your customer.

LinkedIn Engagement Ad Campaign

One of the main LinkedIn ads campaign objectives is to generate consideration through increased engagement. Engagement-driven campaigns aim at persuading people to like, comment, and share your content. Also, it motivates them to click on your website’s landing page and LinkedIn profile.

The more likes and shares you have on your pages, the more reputed and trusted your business will be considered. This will inevitably lead to a larger pool of followers and a higher conversion rate.

LinkedIn Video Views ad campaign

Video Views campaign is another way to engage potential customers with your business. The campaign focuses on making your videos more popular by sharing them with as many people as possible. You have to chance to promote your brand throughout LinkedIn community with high-quality and creative videos.

The only ad format that supports this objective is video ads. Both maximum delivery and manual bidding are available with these ads. You can let LinkedIn set the cost per click automatically based on your campaign goals, or manage your marketing budget alone.

LinkedIn Lead Generation ad campaign

A campaign whose objective is Lead Generation aims at capturing qualified leads to LinkedIn page and eventually converting them into customers. If you set this objective, people clicking on your ad will get in front of them a Lead Gen Form that will encourage them to take action.

The form will be pre-filled with the profile information of the person who has clicked the ad. This improves their experience with the paid ad as they don’t have to write the personal data in themselves. With that, they are more likely to follow through the next steps and become a lead.

While the form comes already pre-filled, you have the chance to add extra fields and ask people your own questions. A Lead Generation campaign suits five ad formats: single image ad, carousel ad, video ad, message ad, and conversation ad.

LinkedIn Conversion ad campaign

Aside from capturing leads to your LinkedIn page, you may also want to drive leads on your business. If that is your goal, select Website Conversion as the objective of your advertising campaign.

This objective is available only if you have the Conversions Tracking activated. This tool allows you to get a better understanding of the actions people take when landing on your website. Knowing how people act on your website will help you understand their needs and adjust your future advertising campaigns.

The tracking is based on the conversions you create. Before creating the conversions, you need to specify what kind of conversions will count in the report. You can define conversion as a visit of a LinkedIn user to your website, or as an action taken by a LinkedIn user on your site.

LinkedIn Job Applicants ad campaign

Job Applicants objective targets people who are looking for a job in your field and meet your requirements. The ad formats that suit this objective are dynamic jobs ads, sponsored content single job ads, single image ads, and spotlight ads.

The goal of such campaigns is to help you to find qualified professionals for the available positions in your company. An advertising campaign is extremely important as it increases the visibility of your job post on LinkedIn.

In this way, more people will see your post and there will be more applicants for the job. This gives you a larger choice and a better chance to home in on a highly-qualified and experienced specialist.

LinkedIn Talent Leads ad campaign

Talent Leads is among the LinkedIn ads Campaign Objectives that work only with LinkedIn Recruiter. You want to have a Recruiter contract to be able to set this objective for your campaign.

Talent Leads allows you to build a pipeline of top professionals willing to join your company. You can reach to them using carousel ads, single image ads, video ads, and spotlight ads.

Keep in mind that it’s you who creates the ad content. Make sure to include as much useful data as possible, attractive and detailed job descriptions, and eye-catching visuals to grab the attention of potential candidates.

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