How To Create LinkedIn Carousel Ads? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn offers a variety of LinkedIn Ad formats. One of them is LinkedIn Carousel ads which allows you to use up to 10 images in a single LinkedIn ad. This helps LinkdIn advertisers attract leads to their website and increase their brand awareness. Let’s take a closer look at LinkedIn Carousel Ads.

If you want to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn Carousel Ads and other LinkedIn ad formats, check out this one.

LinkedIn Carousel ads overview

A LinkedIn Carousel Ad is a type of Sponsored Content that includes multiple images. Each image card tells a story and advertises a certain product or service. Sometimes all images focus on promoting a single product.

By showcasing many images in a single ad, you increase conversion rate and build brand awareness. Also, the more detailed and captivating storytelling helps you to connect with your audience and make it more engaged with your content. With just a single carousel ad you can make your new followers familiar with all aspects of your offer.

Since each card has a personal post-click page, followers can get a complete picture of your business in seconds. No need to navigate your page and collect information piece by piece. With carousel ads, you get everything conveniently stored in one place.

LinkedIn Carousel ads specs

The name of the carousel ad should not exceed 255 characters. The maximum length of the primary text is 150 characters. Although you can use more characters, it can lead to truncation on some phones. So better keep it 150 or less.

Use up to 45 characters for the headline of each card. LinkedIn Carousel Ads allows you to post from 2 to 10 images in a single ad. The maximum acceptable size of a file is 10 MB. While you can use images with the dimension 4320 X 4320, the recommended spec is 1080 X 1080 pixels.

LinkedIn Carousel ads – tips and best practices

To make sure the LinkedIn carousel ad campaign yields the desired results, you have to set its objective. You can use the LinkedIn Carousel ad to increase brand awareness. By telling your brand story and positioning yourself as a thought leader, you will make your audience more engaged with your brand.

Also, you can use the carousel ad to drive conversions. You will introduce people briefly to your offer, then tell them where they can find more information. To increase the likelihood of conversions, try to make the ad as captivating and compelling as possible.

Use attention-grabbing visual content, dynamic texts, and bold call-to-action messages. This will make people more interested in your offer and determined to click the attached URL.

Finally, a carousel ad can serve as a platform for lead generation. In your cards you will tell people why your product is exactly what they need. The more persuasive descriptions and CTAs you use, the higher chance to convert simple visitors into leads.

You are recommended to start with 3-5 cards. Experiment with different orders. If a card is inefficient in one place, switch its position in the carousel. Keep testing the performance of the carousel to determine the best order.

Remember carousel ads are all about catching people’s attention. Use vibrant graphics and captivating visual storytelling. Add strong and clear calls-to-action to convince people to click the provided URL, follow and collaborate with you.

If you create a carousel with 8-10 cards where you are telling a story, place the main offer at the end. The offer shouldn’t be in the very beginning or in the middle of the ad as it can make people abandon the story once they have read the main piece of information.

Another best practice is to include customer testimonials into the carousel ad. It will help you build trust with potential customers and persuade them to try your product.

How to create LinkedIn Carousel ads campaign?

Here is how to create a LinkedIn Carousel ad campaign:

  1. Step 1: Launch LinkedIn’s Manager Campaign and click Create Campaign.
  2. Step 2: Identify the objective. It can be page visits, lead generation, or brand awareness.
  3. Step 3: Name your campaign.
  4. Step 4: Click Ad Format and select Carousel Image Ad.
  5. Step 5: Choose to Create A New Ad. Give your ad a name and specify the destination URL. Then start working on your cards. Follow the specs and best practices to make sure your cards attract people’s attention.
  6. Step 6: Once the cards are ready, click Create. Keep in mind that once saved, cards cannot be edited. So you don’t want to create them in a hurry.

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