LinkedIn Connection Limit in 2022 + Bypass Connection Request Limit

Written by: Emily Anderson
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These days, LinkedIn is changing the way its platform works. They recently introduced a LinkedIn connection limit where you are limited to the number of connection requests you can send in a week.

LinkedIn Connection Limit Explained

Before, LinkedIn allowed a maximum of 3000 connection requests per month. Since that is a lot, you can’t blame yourself if you hardly noticed you are nearing the maximum. Now, it’s all changed as the monthly limit is down to 400.

LinkedIn Connection Request Limit Explained

Since you can only request a maximum of 400 invites per month, it is possible you send out 300 one day then 100 for the rest of the month. As long as you do the month, you can scatter the 400 request limit for the entire month and you won’t have a problem.

The big problem with this new limit is that it forces people to send out InMails. Of course, doing so will make you spend a lot of money. If you think it is worth doing so then you can proceed to purchase an account but make sure the messages you send them are good enough.

What is the daily/weekly/monthly LinkedIn connection limit?

There is a weekly Linkedin connection limit of 100 connection requests. Of course, that would mean you have an average of 20 requests per day. It also means the monthly limit is 400 requests.

It is normal to want to send out many requests right away the moment you become a member. Since LinkedIn has effectively put a new limit to sending connections, it would now be time to start thinking of becoming a member so that you can send more than the limit. You can always slow down and just send out requests first to the people you were aiming for.

How to bypass the LinkedIn connection limit?

One way to bypass the connection limit would be to send them a request to do so. Of course, if you are a premium user then you can expect a fast reply. There is a possibility that they will ask you why you are asking the limit to be dropped and you can be honest with them and there is a huge chance they will oblige.

Another way to bypass the LinkedIn connection limit would be to use email finders. As a result, you won’t have to connect with the people you need in order to know their contact details. You can just send them an email straight away in order to find out if there are openings in their company that would interest you immediately.

How to avoid LinkedIn Connection Request limit?

Getting a premium account or otherwise known as a sales navigator would be an excellent way to avoid the LinkedIn connection request limit. After all, it would be worth it if you think you are going to be active on LinkedIn. Another way to avoid the limit would be to not spam which means you should just send invites to people who are in your close network.

When you become a member on LinkedIn, you should already have an idea of the job you want to apply to. As a result, you should study first the people you would send a connection request to including that person’s background. Hence, you will feel confident about each person you send out a connection request to if you think it would be totally worth it.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Limits

One way to get more connections without exceeding the limit would be to do it in more than one account. However, you must avoid making more than one account of the same person or else LinkedIn would not think twice about blocking you. You can only do it if you know someone who is not that active on LinkedIn anymore so you can use that person’s account to send connection invites to people you’ve always wanted to send invites to.

If you do something that goes viral in an awesome manner then you can expect it to go the other way around. Yes, some people would send you connection invites.

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