How To Create LinkedIn Conversation Ads Campaigns? [in 2022]

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Have you ever wanted to strike a conversation with the right people? LinkedIn conversation ads let you achieve that and it can lead to bigger and better things once they decide to continue with the conversation.

In this LinkedIn ads tutorial, we are going to explain everything you have to know about LinkedIn conversation ads.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn conversation ads, check out this one:

LinkedIn Conversation Ads Overview

Running LinkedIn conversation ads is a great way to engage users directly using the Linkedin messenger platform.

What’s awesome about LinkedIn conversation ads is that it is several layers and they will stay in the receiver’s inbox until that person decides to delete them. Yes, it is possible the person would decide to ignore it now but could end up reading the messages at another time.

Once you select the right CTA buttons, you would be able to know what your target market is really interested in. Of course, that would make you improve your brand for the sake of your future. W

hen you target LinkedIn users for products or services that you are selling, you are already halfway through your goal since people are on LinkedIn for business purposes compared to other social media websites like Facebook.

LinkedIn conversation ads can be sent by a company page or a person. You can even put several CTA buttons that can lead the LinkedIn user to one of your websites.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads Specs

You would need to select the person you are going to send the message to and that same person should be a first-degree connection. Also, you will need to put messages in 2 to 5 layers. Based on the messages you put there, you must now choose the right CTA buttons.

Don’t forget the fact that the CTA buttons should lead somewhere so you must choose links for most of them as it depends on the one that you choose. Lastly, you should have a banner there that is either in PNG or jpg format.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads Tips and Best Practices

First, make sure to use a real person’s account and that person should have a nice profile picture so you would get the attention of the receiver.

Additionally, you should start with an opening message that is strong enough to make a lasting impact. If possible, you should introduce what your brand is all about and why the receiver can be interested in your products and services.

Remember to always keep the messages short and sweet so that the user would feel like you are having a normal conversation with them. Also, it would be best to add a banner even though it is optional because if you don’t then there is a possibility that the banner of another company would show up in your ad.

Additionally, if you have a lot of stuff to offer then use different CTA buttons since the buttons won’t disappear when one user selects one of them so that person can go back and select another one.

How to Create Linkedin Conversation Ads Campaign?

The first thing that you must do is to create a campaign name at Campaign Manager. After that, you should choose from the objectives provided by LinkedIn for your campaign. After defining what your target audience is, you must select ‘Conversation Ad’.

The next thing to do would be to complete the forms in the Budget & Schedule section. After all, you would want to know how much you are going to spend on it as the ROI is extremely good. Choose a template for your LinkedIn conversation ads and while checking out each one, you can get a brief preview of how it would turn out.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Conversation Ads

You can add a personal touch to the messages that you put in your LinkedIn conversation ads.

After all, you could tailor the messages according to the way you would normally interact with other people. If that is not enough, you can always use macros so you would just need to edit a few things and it will be all set.

The conversion rate for LinkedIn Conversation ads is pretty awesome so it is something you must try. After all, you are providing potential customers with the opportunity to access links that would interest them.

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