How To Create LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Campaigns? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for individuals as well as for businesses to enhance their professional goals. While companies can look for potential candidates for certain positions, professionals can look for better job opportunities too.

Companies and businesses can create ads that can help in building a better and deeper relationship with their target audiences. These ads are called – LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. To know more about these ads, read on.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads overview

The dynamic ads of LinkedIn are specially customized and personalized for each member according to their personal data on their LinkedIn profile. These data include the name of the company, photo used in profile, and job title.

Each of the members can see their own personal information and this profile information will not appear in front of other members. These ads can also support different levels of funnel marketing. So, you can format your ads based on your preferred objectives, such as:

  • Visits on your website
  • Increase awareness for your business
  • Applicants for job
  • Increasing engagement

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Specs

As you know now, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are completely personalized advertisements that are made personally for each and every member. To ensure that you get to personalize these ads, you have can adjust the different specifications for the LinkedIn Dynamic Ads. Some of these specifications are:

  • Image for the ad: You have to choose an image for your dynamic ad. It has to be 100 x 100 pixels and upload it in either PNG or JPG format but the file size should not exceed 2 MB.
  • Description for the ad: It is important to add the description and you can add about 75 characters in that description space.
  • Headline for the ad: This is an important part of the dynamic ads in. You can set a headline for up to 25 characters.
  • URL: You can include a URL too for diverting the traffic to your landing page or website. For that, you will have up to 500 characters.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Tips and Best Practices

With some of the best tips, you will be able to create the best advertisements for your LinkedIn page. Here are some of the tips and best practices that can help you in enhancing the dynamic ads of LinkedIn:

  • You can use some visual personalization for attracting the attention of your audiences. You can include the profile photo of the audience in the ad to give a personalized touch.
  • Make sure to include a very clear call-to-action message for each and every dynamic ad on LinkedIn as this can help the audience to connect in a better way
  • For the ads meant for increasing followers, you can exclude the followers you already have in order to attract new prospects to your page
  • You can add some customized background images for enhancing the visual aspect of the ad for your LinkedIn page
  • Make sure to add the specification of the dynamic ads clearly and format it in the right way to ensure the best result

How to create a LinkedIn Dynamic Ads campaign?

Want to create a perfect campaign for the dynamic ads of your LinkedIn page? Well, you can follow these steps:

Step #1

You have to log in to the campaign manager account first for creating the campaign. Then you have to choose an objective by choosing the right format of ad, such as follower ad, spotlight ad or job ad. Now, create the advertisement first.

Step #2

Create your schedule, budget as well as bid for the ad. You have to complete all these 3 sections first and then you can add the option named ‘Conversion Tracking’ too. This will help you in tracking the conversions, even if you have multiple ones.

Step #3

You are almost done. All you have to do now is to click on the option ‘Next’ and then select ‘Save’. A popup window will come up for confirmation. You have to confirm that you want to save and then you are good to go!


This is all about the LinkedIn Dynamic ads and how you can create them. The most important thing that you have to do is to assess your needs and decide on the objective. You also have to figure out the right target audience for your ads.

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