How To Create LinkedIn Follower Ads? [in 2022]

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When you want to gain more followers then place advertisements for people who would want to follow your LinkedIn page. This is where LinkedIn follower ads come in as you can make people want to follow your LinkedIn account.

In this LinkedIn Ads tutorial, we are going to explain everything you have to know about LinkedIn follower ads, how to create LinkedIn Follower ads, LinkedIn follower ad specs and more.

If you prefer a quick video introduction to LinkedIn follower ads, check out this video tutorial:

What Are LinkedIn Follower Ads?

LinkedIn follower ads are advertisements directed at the right people with whom you have the opportunity to be your follower. When they see their profile picture next to your company’s log, they can be one step closer to following the page. Of course, it is not a sure thing but LinkedIn sure is a genius for making it that way.

If you target your existing followers, you can select a different call to action.

Obviously, ‘follow’ should not be the call to action since they are already following you as it can be ‘go-to website’ or ‘register’ for an event that you are trying to promote. The overall objective of LinkedIn follower ads is engagement between people who can possibly have an interest in what you have to bring to the table.

LinkedIn Follower Ads Specs

The first things they would require you to provide would be the ad description and the ad headline. They actually give a bunch of suggestions but you have the option to make your own as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount of allowable characters. Don’t forget to give your company name since it will be revealed when the user moves his or her cursor over to the logo of your company.

It is evident you will need to provide an ad image that should be in ‘png’ or ‘jpg’ format. There is also a set of CTAs and you can choose the one that best fits your objective. When you are trying to get the person to apply to your list of jobs, then ‘Visit jobs’ can be another spec and that will be the tab that the person will be redirected to.

LinkedIn Follower Ads Tips and Best Practices

It would be best to exclude existing followers from seeing your current ad. After all, you would want nothing more than to have your brand be exposed to new people who could be interested in it. This can easily be done by adjusting the right settings on the targeting page.

Don’t ‘forget to tick the box that will enable the person seeing the ad to see his or her own profile photo in the ad next to the company page. As a result, the person would think the ad is customized to that user’s capabilities.

It is also ideal to choose from a bunch of templates that will make the user feel great about the opportunity of following your LinkedIn company page.

How to Create LinkedIn Follower Ads Campaign?

First, go to Campaign Manager and create a new campaign. After that, you must select from the list of objectives for your campaign then choose the target audience so that LinkedIn would know the users who would receive the ad. Perhaps, the most important part would be setting up a budget for the campaign.

The “Ads in this campaign” section has a “Create new ad” option that allows you to create an entirely new one. Once you select that option, you can fill out all the boxes then get a preview of it. Before launching the campaign, you must make sure all the details you entered are correct by double-checking each and every one of them.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Follower Ads

Due to the fact that there are over 670 million users on LinkedIn, putting up LinkedIn follower ads would always be a great idea. You can target the right people who can possibly be interested in what you are offering. As a result, it would be best to allot a budget for this because it is certainly worth every penny of what you spend for it.

Most companies will be happy with the fact that LinkedIn follower ads will indeed give good leads. Add that to the fact that you can find out how well your ad is doing by going through the analytics. From that point, you can find out whether or not the marketing strategy is a good fit for your company or not.

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