How To Use And Manage LinkedIn Hastags? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn is a professional site and it allows you to connect with others through hashtags. They introduced LinkedIn hashtag features in 2018. Many people are still figuring out how to use this feature.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn hashtags and how to use them, check out this video tutorial:

In LinkedIn, a hashtag can generate topics and content related to the hashtag. Here are some common questions answered about the LinkedIn hashtags.

What are LinkedIn Hashtags and how to use them effectively?

LinkedIn is more of a platform that is used by people who post about their jobs and also get alerted about other work field options. To find jobs and offer jobs people use professional hashtags related to their jobs. It is used by many people to post blogs and content on many topics. Hashtags are a way to find and discover topics more effectively.

Just like other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter a hashtag can make your content found easily. But LinkedIn hashtags need to be properly used to work. The hashtag should be related to interests and post-related or related industries. To use a hashtag you can type # and then add the word.


Adding one or two hashtags to your post can make the post pop up when the hashtag is searched. Don’t add too many hashtags. Keep it simple and post related. It should be relevant to your blog post. Don’t use controversial hashtags, they can create bad effects.


To make it more effective, make your profile public. Making your profile public will generate more connections with other profiles. Your hashtags can be found and seen by more people. if you keep the profile private then it can only connect with existing connections. Add some hashtags on your profile to make connections with similar interests and values.

Use Hashtag suggestions

LinkedIn gives suggestions when you post anything there. They suggest the most used and popular hashtags according to the post topics. select from there or add your personalized hashtag.

Hashtag Length

If you are using multiple words hashtags then don’t use space between words. The most effective way to use hashtags is to stay relevant. Don’t use too many or too-lengthy hashtags. Use 3 to 4 hashtags maximum. Overdoing it won’t help you anyway.

How To Follow Hashtags On LinkedIn?

You can start following relevant hashtags about your business, brand or interests. You can post with the hashtags that you see others are using and you find it interesting.

Find hashtags on the home page right under your communities section. Add your interests in add it here list. You can pin the most important hashtags on your homepage. There we discover more options you can see below your hashtags.

How to view and Manage hashtags and discover new ones?

Open the hashtags to see related posts. You can see how other people are using the interesting hashtags. You can add any hashtags you are interested in on your add it here lists.

To discover new hashtags go to discover more selection. There you can see many other hashtags. In these steps, you can get to see posts, ideas, blogs and comments with your interests.

How to unfollow a LinkedIn hashtag?

Go to your hashtag feed and then select the top right corner more icon. You can then manage your hashtags. To unfollow any hashtag tap unfollow next to the hashtag. You can then stop seeing that hashtag-related post or topics.

More tips related to the LinkedIn hashtags

In LinkedIn, hashtags used in the comments section do not work. So if you are commenting on a post using your hashtag according to what you want to relate to. Don’t do it.

also don’t post unnecessary comments on any post. If you have a viewpoint or conclusion then you can write that. You can start conversations with people who have similar insights.

Use the LinkedIn search bar to identify your profile-related words. Use your own personal created hashtags so when other people use your hashtag or follow them you can see.

It is good to become creative and create your hashtags sometimes. personal hashtags can develop your topic, brand or insights more effectively.

If you are not able to use this guide then you can simply ask a friend or family member for help.LinkedIn is not that complicated so you can manage to understand the platform by using it for some time.

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