LinkedIn Image Sizes and Specs [in 2022]

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Posting LinkedIn images with the right size and specs is extremely important if you want to make sure you get the highest organic reach on LinkedIn. It is also important to upload LinkedIn ad images in the right resolution and dimension.

This is what we are going to cover in the LinkedIn marketing tutorial.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn image sizes and specs, check out this one:

LinkedIn Image Sizes of a Personal Profile

The profile photo is your best representation is what you are capable of. Hence, it would be best to use programs like Snappa in order to make the best-looking profile picture available with a 1:1 aspect ratio. The minimum should be 400 x 400 pixels and you must make it as big as it can be but not that huge.

There is a maximum of 8 MB for the image size so better know what you can get out of that. It is possible to explore with a ton of different sizes until you get your desired look since it would be nice to get a preview anyway of what you are trying to accomplish.

It would be alright to get the opinion of highly respected professionals since they’ve been there and done that when it comes to accomplishing all the right things in your profession.

LinkedIn Image Sizes and Dimensions for Posts

It is normal to put up a blog post on LinkedIn since this would help put out the word about your brand or your capabilities. When the blog post is published, an image coming out there immediately becomes the featured one that other people see. It is a good thing this image can be edited since your reputation will get tarnished if it looks a bit bad.

Ideally, the image would be more than 200 pixels or else it would not look that good. Add that to the fact that the aspect ratio should be 1.91:1 as it can result in a ton of views if you play the cards in the best manner. Don’t forget that your images would show up in the best way possible once you optimize them in the right manner.

LinkedIn Image Sizes for Company Pages

When it comes to attracting prospective applicants to your company page, the LinkedIn image would play a big role in that. After all, we all know how first impressions last so you would want them to feel at home when they are at your company page.

The image would go a long way towards giving viewers a good feel of what your company brings to the table since there are a ton of similar ones so better separate yourself from the rest.

The logo size should be at least 300 x 300 pixels since anything less than that would turn out to be a bit smaller than you originally thought. There is also the chance to upload a square logo and there is nothing wrong with that as long as it gives viewers a feel of what the company is all about. Of course, it would be a lot better if the picture is at least 60 x 60 pixels.

LinkedIn Image Ads Sizes and Specs

It is indeed possible for your LinkedIn image to miss out on opportunities especially when they are placed as ads.

Even if the ads are running for a long period of time, everyone can ignore the ad if the image is sized in a poor manner. Good thing, there is a way to remedy this problem and it won’t take you long to figure things out.

When it comes to sponsored content, the recommended pixels for the images that go with that would be 1200 x 628. If it is logos we are talking about, the recommended aspect ratio for that is 1:1. We all know how attracting the right audience for your ads would be vital in order to make it such a huge success for many years to come.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn has a new feature which is the stories and it is no surprise how it is a bit similar to what we have seen on Facebook and Instagram. Due to how popular it is, LinkedIn quickly acted based on instinct. Of course, ensure the files are either jpeg or png.

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