LinkedIn Impressions Explained – LinkedIn Impressions Vs. Views

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn has become the go-to social media platform for B2B companies. A whopping 79 percent of marketers think the platform is a major source of fresh leads for anything from locating top-tier talent to showing your industry clout.

In this LinkedIn marketing tutorial, we are going to explain what LinkedIn Impressions are, the difference between LinkedIn impressions vs views, and many more.

If you prefer a video tutorial on LinkedIn impressions, check out this tutorial:

What are LinkedIn Impressions?

The total number of times your material has been exposed is referred to as impressions. The same user may see your work many times. Impressions are measured through a variety of platforms. Consider how many people view your Instagram photos.

Organic vs Paid LinkedIn Impressions

The number of times the unpaid material is seen by LinkedIn users is referred to as organic impressions. The number of times the sponsored LinkedIn marketing or promoted content is seen to users is referred to as paid impressions.

Why Are LinkedIn Impressions Important to Track?

Paying attention to the organic impressions may help you acquire a better picture of your market and how they act.

These impressions can provide valuable information, like when your target demographic is most engaged online. The more views your material receives, the more people it reaches. Understanding when the audience is most engaged will help you determine when to post in the future.

LinkedIn Impressions vs Linkedin Views

When you count the number of impressions, you’re counting how many times a piece of information was potentially viewed. When you calculate the number of views, you’re determining how often it’s been seen. You must know that not all points of view are created equal.

If someone is browsing through the LinkedIn feed fast, they may pass by your content without reading it or noticing it. A perspective is the result of that interaction. Another significant distinction to keep in mind when analyzing the impressions and visits is the type of information you’re measuring.

Posts are the current changes you can make on LinkedIn, and a view is when someone simply scrolls through them. A post, on the other hand, requires someone to click on it for it to be counted as a view. A view in video material is defined as three seconds of playtime.

How to View the Impressions Data for Your LinkedIn Profile?

Here is how to view LinkedIn impressions for your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Select the Me button at the top of the LinkedIn page to check post or article metrics.
  2. Select Posts & Activity from the Manage menu.
  3. Depending on what you’re searching for, select the Articles and Posts option.
  4. Below the blog or article, select the view near the Analytics button.
  5. The essential analytics can be found on the Post Analytics tab.
  6. Select the Arrow Right Button near the Reactions or shares in the Engagements tab.
  7. Sort the data based on Reactions and Comments.
  8. Use any of these options to narrow down the search terms by category:
    • Your job title
    • Industry
    • Location
    • Seniority
    • Business Size

Tips for Improving the Impressions of Your LinkedIn Posts

Want to increase your LinkedIn engagements and gain more eyes on the content? Here are some helpful hints:

Keep Your LinkedIn Content up to Date

Use the information you’ve gathered about the impressions to help you plan your marketing plan. If good content has a high number of impressions, it’s likely that the audience enjoys it and wishes to see more of it. Work on new depending on existing material that is working well and has a big reach.

Post Regularly on LinkedIn

With any social media site, regularity is crucial. If you wish to be a part of the public in your sector, you should publish frequently. When you post regularly rather than at random, the system favors you.

Regular, interesting posts can help you establish authority on a subject. Slowly, this will broaden your influence and increase the number of individuals who not only see but also interact with the material.

Sponsorship Is Available for Your Postings

Try sponsoring your content if you want to reach a larger audience but don’t have time to lay the framework to make this happen naturally. LinkedIn paid to advertise is a great approach to finding potential leads, building brand awareness, and connecting with the appropriate individuals.

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