How To Get Around LinkedIn Invitation Limit in 2022 [Updated]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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There will be a cap of 100 invitations each week for new connections on LinkedIn. It’s understandable if you’ve received the “invitation limit” warning on LinkedIn and fear you’re out. When you’ve used up all of your weekly invitations, you have a few options.

You can also check out this video tutorial on the LinkedIn invitation limit and how you can get around it:

What is the LinkedIn invitation limit?

The number of LinkedIn invitations that can be sent out has been dramatically reduced since March 2021. Previously, 100 invitations each day were limited to 100 per week. That’s 85% less, and it affects everyone who utilizes LinkedIn to prospect.

Some LinkedIn accounts can send more invitations; thus, it appears like LinkedIn is testing these limits on some users before implementing them for everyone.

It is not a warning or a restriction that may result in an account ban. LinkedIn has always battled platform abusers, so this is merely another effort to safeguard users from spam and retain their professional reputation.

Even if you have a paid subscription or removed pending invites or some of them were accepted, there is no way to gain additional credits if you reach the limit.

When you will be able to send an invitation after you have reached the Linkedin invitation limit

Create Content

Create a relationship with your staff if you can’t connect to others. When you have strong relationships, you won’t have to go out of your way to find work. Keep up with industry news and stats by posting informative articles. Individuals are eager to keep up with your content. On LinkedIn, you may promote your company’s products and services in various ways. Frequently updated and made new tools available.

There are numerous social networking platforms from which you can link directly to your LinkedIn page, too. Making short YouTube videos with links to your website is all it takes. Increasing the number of people who see your LinkedIn profile is always a good idea, regardless of how many invitations you can send out each week.

Take advantage of Your Weekly Invitation Limit more efficiently.

Everyone knows not to be stingy with their connections on LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean you have to connect with everyone you see. You can no longer request a link unless you’ve nurtured a possible relationship thoroughly. With LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit in force, you will slow your network growth every time you receive a denial.

Connecting to the wrong account can have disastrous consequences. Participate in their debates, vote in their polls, and show your support for their work. If they already know who you are, they are more likely to accept your connection request.

How to get around the LinkedIn invitation limit?

LinkedIn’s lead generation environment is dynamic and ever-evolving.

We’ve seen account limits, automation tools being restricted, group messaging enabled, disabled, then promoted again in our more than four years in the sector, and it is a rollercoaster. Because of this, many professionals have been devastated by the latest LinkedIn connection request restriction.

Getting Around the New LinkedIn Connection Request Limit

Here are a couple of workarounds to the new LinkedIn restrictions that will also help you receive better results from LinkedIn.

THIS MAY NOT BE EASY because SPAM isn’t and won’t work after 2020, but it’s well worth it.

  1. Scrape Emails from Prospects

On LinkedIn, you can only send 100 connection requests per week, but you can spend much more if you have their email.

ProspectingToolkit is my favorite tool for collecting email addresses from potential clients. Unlike other scraping applications, it just costs $99 per month.

After this, upload your CSV file to LinkedIn’s Personal Contact Importer to find associated LinkedIn profiles. This will allow you to send more connection requests before hitting a new limit.

  1. Selective Prospecting

LinkedIn wants users to pay for outbound prospecting. You will tempt users with paid InMails and advertising.

It should be better prospecting, more customization, and quality over quantity. First, enhance your LinkedIn profile! If not, you lose money when prospects ‘bounce’ (don’t reply).

Next, there is just a chance for mutually beneficial connections. Then go over each list, confirm it, and save it to a list before putting it into your automation tool or performing connection requests.

  1. Use Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

This is a more complex and time-consuming alternative to the new LinkedIn connection request restriction.

One method is to use honest employees’ LinkedIn profiles to generate leads. Connect them to a cloud-based automation platform like GrowthBoost or Sky Lead to avoid blocking. This is the only option if you don’t have actual employees with profiles. Keep fake LinkedIn accounts away.

Buy old LinkedIn profiles of business personnel for prospecting. This strategy has several limitations, but it can let you send more connection requests and appear more prominent.

Remember that SPAM is SPAM and that quality always trumps quantity. Don’t spam your company’s name.

  1. Target Open Profiles

The quantity of InMails you get per month depends on whether or not you have Sales Navigator.

You can send nearly unlimited InMails to those using Sales Navigator and have their profile set to “open.” This is a great way to reach high-level executives, sales reps, marketers, and other professionals who frequently use LinkedIn.

With the Open Profile setting, you can send a large volume of InMails with little restriction.

Remember that LinkedIn measures your reaction rate, and the higher your reply rate, the more free InMails you may send. So, again, customize, target/prospect precisely, and make your messages appealing to your ideal client.

Pro tip: Add a form to your calendar booking widget to ask pre-qualifying questions.

You can also utilize Google Tag Manager to measure how much of the video they viewed, trigger events, and do other cool stuff to engage your potential clientele further.

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