How To Create LinkedIn Message Ads Campaigns? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Imagine having to set an email list for you to send your product catalog to. Add that to the fact that you don’t even know if those people are going to respond. You’d need a better marketing strategy like LinkedIn message ads so you can target the right people.

LinkedIn Message Ads Overview

LinkedIn Message ads are ads that pop up in the Inbox of many LinkedIn users. These ads only target those people who are active. Also, you won’t have to pay for ads that were not sent successfully so they make sure that the user gets to read the ad first.

LinkedIn Message Ads Specs

You will need to select from a list of available senders or you can add your own as long as you choose a credible entity. After that, you can create the name of the ad that should already include the title and message. Of course, you can’t forget the CTA button copy and make sure that it is something the viewer would want to do.

Another thing to fill out would be the hyperlinked text in the message. Don’t forget to put some clickable links for websites you would want the reader to go to. You can even include custom terms and conditions which can be a maximum of 2500 characters that includes spaces.

LinkedIn Message Ads Tips and Best Practices

Among the four campaign objectives, you should choose the one that applies to your case the most. Furthermore, you must keep in mind each LinkedIn user rarely receives messages but that does not mean that person does not receive messages on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Since an average person gets to read at least twenty new messages each day, you must make your message short and sweet so that the person would take time to read it.

In other words, you must always go straight to the point so the reader would know if he would proceed to what you are trying to comprehend. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn macros in order to create messages that are personalized for each user. It won’t be long before you would see your conversion rates skyrocket.

Don’t forget to use CTAs that are positive and not the ones that are negative like ‘Not Interested’ since including a CTA like that would not make too much sense. It would also be better if the message came from a real person who has a high position in the company rather than coming from a company page. If you do that, the person would feel like he is in the middle of an outstanding conversation and he would love to be a huge part of it.

How to Create LinkedIn Message Ads Campaign?

Similar to other Linkedin advertising methods, you would need to go to Campaign Manager and create a new group. After that, you can select three objectives that would pertain to your goal in the future. When that is over, you can select the target audience and if you made an ad in the past then you can select from your previously saved audiences.

The next step would involve setting a budget and a maximum bid. After that, you can check if all the fields are filled out correctly. Once that is the case, then you can move towards the ‘launch campaign’ button once you feel happy after seeing the preview for the ad.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn Message Ads

When it comes to LinkedIn message ads, you should always observe the guidelines set by the website so you don’t get blacklisted. One obvious thing to do would be to avoid foul language in your message as this is not a way to get back at a person you are holding a grudge against.

After all, this is a professional website where you can interact with like-minded professionals so only use appropriate language.

Remember to avoid selling products that are not allowed in most countries like alcohol, drugs, and porn. Additionally, you should avoid starting a hoax on this website as people here are smart so sooner or later someone will find out about the scam. Of course, you must never discriminate against any LinkedIn member as they have all the right to report anyone who does.

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