LinkedIn Premium: Features, Cost, Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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There is always the option to upgrade your free account on LinkedIn to something more useful. We are talking about a LinkedIn premium account.

If you want to watch a LinkedIn video tutorial on LinkedIn Premium and if it is worth it, check out this one:

In this LinkedIn tutorial, we will guide you through LinkedIn Premium and tell you why you should invest in it.

What is a LinkedIn premium subscription?

LinkedIn premium is a paid service exclusively on LinkedIn. You would surely have some sort of goal when you are on the website and doing so would ultimately lead to somewhat of a boost when you sign up for this service. There is no doubt you are going to inch one step closer to your goal.

Types of LinkedIn Premium

There are many types of LinkedIn premium and you should select the one that will help you the most throughout the course of your career. The five types are Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Learning, and Recruiter.

The type you should choose should depend on what you are hoping to accomplish on the website as you can be a recruiter looking to hire people or an applicant looking for the perfect job.

If you are a recruiter then you should choose ‘Recruiter’ and if you are hoping to get some insights regarding business then choose ‘Premium Business’ as that would help you out a lot. Also, you can’t help but notice the number of Inmail credits you are going to receive with each one of these things so better make use of those credits before they expire.

LinkedIn Premium Features Explained

One of the main features of LinkedIn premium would be able to see who viewed your profile. Of course, this could lead to more interesting conversations somewhere down the line especially if this person showed the slightest bit of interest. When recruiters take a look at your profile then it could mean that their company is looking for someone who has your capabilities.

Another feature on Linkedin Premium would allow you to be able to access a ton of LinkedIn learning courses. It is evident you will be able to hone your skills even more if you do what is best for business and these courses are conducted by some of the best in their respective industries so better listen. As they say, it would feel great if you learn something new each day as it would pave the way for even more opportunities in your career.

Another feature would be being able to save all the names and profiles so that you will have more candidates as a recruiter. Don’t forget the feature where easily track each activity that you did for all the candidates that you are looking at. There is even the feature where you can contact candidates directly with InMail.

LinkedIn Premium Cost and Is it Worth it?

The first thing you will think about of whether or not the cost ($29.99 per month) of this is worth it or not is whether you spend a lot of time on the website or not. As a matter of fact, investing in the LinkedIn premium can motivate you to spend more time on the website and look for that job you’ve always wanted. In terms of career advice, there are a lot of articles there that would help you in more ways than one.

If you are someone looking for a job, then it is no secret LinkedIn Premium will help you accomplish your mission in a fast and easy manner. After all, there is no time to waste with regards to getting a job as soon as possible. You would want to earn a living and make your parents proud after they sent you to school.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Free?

LinkedIn would always offer their premium version for a limited period of time free of charge. When they send you an email along with details on how you can take advantage of this then you should jump on the offer. It is possible you will need to sign up and receive messages in your email in the future but don’t worry because it is going to be worth it.

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

It is not that hard to cancel your LinkedIn subscription and the best part is that it can be done in such a few steps.   We have a separate tutorial here, that you will help you with that:

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