LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Features, Costs, Review [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool you likely are already familiar with for anyone involved in business development. Favored by sales professionals the world over, LinkedIn Navigator helps companies prospect for new business connections and leads. It allows you to reach over a million decision-makers using the power of LinkedIn’s extensive database.

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What Is The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Subscription?

This Sales Navigator is a subscription service that LinkedIn offers to sales professionals, and it’s one of their most popular and expensive services.

It’s designed to help sales consultants, agencies, and service providers manage leads from various channels like Web sites, social media, external marketing resources, and more. Delivered entirely on LinkedIn, it combines company and job insights, sales intelligence, lead tools, social collaboration, and more into one easy-to-use platform.

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The Sales Navigator tool allows you to find new leads, create custom lists of prospects, and engage with them. It has a lot of features that help sales people succeed. Here are some of the features:

Scheduling Calls

LinkedIn Navigator allows you to schedule calls with prospects. You can select from a list of options or create your custom lists of prospects and use the scheduling feature to set up meetings.

Sales Activities

It keeps track of all your sales activities such as emails, messages, calls, meetings, and more. It also helps you manage these activities by giving you an overview of what you have done so far.

Sales Prospecting

The tool helps salespeople get a list of prospects and keep track of them. Salespeople can also reach out to their prospects using LinkedIn’s messaging system.

Reach & Engagement Reports

This Sales Navigator provides information about:

  • Number of contacts reached
  • Number of connections made
  • Activity feed
  • Content consumed

This helps in knowing the performance of your social media marketing campaign. It also provides insights into which content is more popular among users, located, and other demographic information.

Following a user or connecting with them will help you reach them easily in the future, thus saving your time and effort. This sales Navigator makes it easy to connect with new prospects. You can easily track if the users have viewed your message or not by checking their activity feed.

Costs of LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Is It Worth Paying for It?

I am sure that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has already found its place in your sales toolkit. The question is whether you are willing to pay for it or not. This sales navigator has three levels: Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core

It includes sending messages to people within your network and accessing over one billion contacts in the database. It is billed annually at $959.88. It provides insights into LinkedIn’s lead generation and sales process, including its users’ behavior on the platform and how this relates to their email follow-up (i.e., the emails users are sending after they get a response to a post).

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced

This version includes the ability to send messages to people outside of your network and access billions of contacts in the database. It provides more nuanced data than the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core package and includes data on user activity on a company website and information about competitors’ users. It is billed annually at $1,500.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus

The Advanced Plus version includes all of the previous versions’ benefits, including more extensive search capabilities, unlimited messaging, and five guest passes for co-workers.

The Advanced Plus version contains all of this and more, including advanced search capabilities, unlimited messaging and sharing with your contacts, access to live web chats with experts, research tools to find trends in specific fields or industries, brand monitoring tools to measure mentions of your brand online and on social media platforms, and invitations for five guests per month who can benefit from this research and analysis as well.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Review

I enjoy using this sales navigator. Sales Navigator is a great tool to keep track of your sales pipeline, opportunities, and deals. It helps you stay updated on all the activities and never miss an important meeting or phone call. The best part about this tool is that it keeps track of all the contact information, calendar events, and notes from each interaction, so you never have to worry about missing details.


This sales navigator is the way to go if you’re looking for a powerful way to prospect and make new business connections. With it, you’ll be able to reach new prospects in your area and around the world, giving you an edge in the competitive business world.

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