How To Create LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign? [in 2022]

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LinkedIn is a great platform for employers as well as potential employees who are looking for a great job opportunity. In this case, you need to utilize this online platform to the fullest. LinkedIn also offers some great features that can help you in different ways.

You can choose the LinkedIn Text ads for creating, optimizing, and managing customized ad campaigns in just a few minutes.

In this LinkedIn ads tutorial, we are going to explain LinkedIn text ads specifications and how to create a LinkedIn text ads campaign.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial, check out this one:

LinkedIn text ads overview

The text ads of LinkedIn consist of brief text along with a headline and also a photo. You can set and adjust the target audience according to your needs for the advertisement.

You can fine-tune the audience based on skills, locations, interests, demographics, and many more criteria. You can choose a particular objective for the text ad on your LinkedIn. The options that you will get to choose from are:

  • Number of visits to your website
  • Awareness of your brand
  • Conversion for the website

LinkedIn Text Ads Specifications

There are certain specifications for the text ads on LinkedIn that you have to take care of. With these specifications, you will be able to make sure that your ad is doing a perfect job. Here are some of the specifications that you can adjust:

  • The headline of the ad:

Here you can use a maximum of 25 characters which includes the spaces too.

  • Image for the ad:

A photo or an image is very important for your ad. You can upload a PNG or JPG photo with 100×100 pixels. It has to be 2MB or smaller.

  • Description for the ad:

A precise description is always important for your advertisement. You need to add a maximum of 75 characters in the description and that includes the spaces too.

  • URL

You can add a URL in your text ads for diverting your audiences to your website or landing page. Here you need to add the URL with prefixes. The URL must have a maximum of 500 characters in it.

LinkedIn text ads tips and best practices

For the best practices for your LinkedIn text ads, you need to follow these steps:

  1. It is better to create a business account first for creating these text ads. It will be better than doing it from your personal account.
  2. While creating the contents for your advertisement, make sure to use a very compelling headline that is concise in nature too.
  3. Make sure to have a very strong and clear CTA (Call to Action) as that can generate a lot of interest and lead for your ads.
  4. You need to be creative with your ads such as adding an image of a person can make it more relatable for the audiences.
  5. Make sure to provide a headline that can be beneficial for the people. A beneficial headline can help in captivating the audiences in a more efficient way.

How to create LinkedIn Text Ads campaign?

To create the best text ad campaign in your LinkedIn account, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1:

First, you have to sign in to your LinkedIn campaign manager account and then create a campaign group. You can add a name to the campaign by simply clicking on the icon for ‘Edit’. Then, you have to confirm it and click on ‘Save’.

Step 2:

Now you have to choose your main objectives for defining your target audiences. You can choose whether you want to increase your website conversion, visits to websites or awareness for your brand. You also have to create the budget and schedule for your campaign. You can add the tracking option to track the progress of your campaign.

Step 3:

Next, you have to add creative elements to your campaign. You can choose the existing contents and elements to add them. Once everything is done, click on ‘Save’ to successfully create the text ad campaign.


This is all about how you can create LinkedIn text ads and how you will be able to create a campaign for them. Following the aforementioned steps and tips can help you to create the best and most efficient text ad for your LinkedIn.

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