Why You Are Losing Twitter Followers & How To Stop It? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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You might try to acquire more Twitter followers, spending several weeks and months trying to have more followers; however, instead of having more people following you, you realize that you are losing Twitter followers.

Or even worse, you lose huge Twitter followers suddenly. Here is what you should know.

Why I am Losing Twitter Followers?

Losing Twitter followers drastically and subsequently is not a coincidence. There is a wide range of reasons that might cause this to happen. Here are some of the key reasons you might lose Twitter followers in your account.

  • Twitter is getting rid of fake followers
  • You might not be posting regularly
  • You’re posting low-quality tweets
  • You’re using hard ways to promote yourself
  • You are posting irrelevant content
  • You paid to acquire Twitter followers
  • It might be a result of Twitter malfunction

However, in this post, I’ll only explain in detail the main three reasons why people are losing Twitter followers:

#1. Twitter Gets Rid of Fake Followers

If your huge following on Twitter was attained by unscrupulous methods such as paying money or spam, you’ll be identified by the Twitter algorithm in the long run. And if you’re found culpable, you’ll be forced to lose your Twitter account.

For your information, Twitter wants to ensure that genuine and honest accounts only use their service and deal with spammers and spam by using all efforts. As such, if you try to spam people to acquire traffic, your account will be put on notice.

And in that regard, Twitter will not only get rid of your followers, but your account might end up being penalized. If you lose about 200 followers in a night, it may be because Twitter decided to take action on your Twitter account.

So, when the super-powerful algorithm used on the Twitter flag a Twitter account, you’ll have your followers also reduced because you didn’t acquire them organically.

However, this should not be a cause of an alarm because it improves your rate of engagement per follower.

Keep in mind that it is a good thing to have a legitimate following instead of making your account less interactive. In that regard, you should develop very engaging posts that will bring real fans on board.

Sincerely speaking, if you have followership that is doctored, you may not be in a position to make your account nor even generate revenue. Therefore, you should, by all means, avoid the use of apps or bots to boost your followers on Twitter. Organically following is always an excellent way to start.

#2. You’re NOT regularly posting tweets

There is a huge amount of content posted every second on Twitter, leave alone the retweets. And in most cases, people will like to follow all those accounts that post content now and then – beneficial content. In that regard, you should not let your account sleep because people will forget about you quickly.

As a rule of thumb, you should ensure you tweet regularly to keep your followers engaged.

You can even schedule all your posts to be automatically posted to ensure all your audience stays engaged with all your posts.

However, if you don’t post regularly, your followers will lose interest in your account, and others may start to unfollow you. So, when you don’t post regularly, and you notice clients unfollow you, you should not think that it is because you stopped posting engaging content.

#3. Posting Tweets that don’t add value

If you post low-quality tweets, it implies that they’ll not attract any following and won’t have any benefit to your followers. As such, your followers may start to unfollow you. If you want to maintain and increase your following, then it is upon you to ensure you’re creating tweets that catch the attention of your audience and even hot topics.

Also, ensure your tweets are kept short with the appropriate hashtags. But if you don’t meet such qualities, you’ll lose all your followers.

How To Stop Losing Twitter Followers?

There is a wide range of ways to ensure that you’re not losing your Twitter followers. Here is a list of tips to stop losing Twitter followers:

  • You should post relevant content regularly
  • Don’t cheat Twitter by paying to get followers; go the organic way
  • Come up with engaging and interesting posts
  • Don’t use apps and bots to increase your following
  • Don’t post contents that don’t attract any following


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