How To Make A Group Chat On Twitter? [in 2022]

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Since email is not very reliable, more and more people are using Twitter for communication for personal and business purposes. One of the popular communication features on Twitter, is Twitter group chat, which enables you to send Twitter direct messages to a group of Twitter users.

In this Twitter marketing tutorial, we are going to discuss how Twitter group chat works, how you can make a Twitter group chat and anything else that related to this.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is a Twitter Group Chat?

Often a person has to communicate the same message to multiple business associates, employees, friends or relatives to inform them or get their feedback.

The group chat feature on Twitter allows a Twitter user to contact multiple users simultaneously, sending the same message directly. After the message is sent, earlier all the recipients of the message would automatically become members of a group and could communicate with each other.

This Twitter Group Chat feature is useful if the information is being shared for businesses if the opinion of the group members on any topic is required or for friends, relatives especially, or if some event is being organized.

In a Twitter group chat, besides messaging the sender, the recipients can also contact each other and chat about the message they received.

In some cases, the message sender may not want the other recipients to communicate with each other, especially if they do not know each other.

So in August 2021, Twitter revealed a new feature in which the message sender can choose to have a conversation with each of the recipients instead of a new group being created automatically.

How to make a group chat on Twitter?

In the messages option on Twitter, there is a direct message option.

The user who wishes to start a Twitter group chat, should first select the direct messages option.

He should then select the new message option and type the message he wishes to send. After this, he should add the Twitter ID of all the Twitter users who should receive the message in the recipient list.

He should then select the group chat option and send the message to the Twitter users with whom the information has to be shared.

Only the recipients of the message will get the information, and they can communicate with the message sender and others in the group.

Twitter group chat limit

There are some limits on using the group-chat feature on Twitter which the person initiating the group chat should be aware of. One of the main limitations is that the number of recipients for the group chat should be twenty or less than twenty.

If the number of members in the group is more than twenty, the group chat will not get initiated. If the person initiating the group chat finds that he is getting an error message, he should check the number of Twitter users, who have been sending the same message as part of the group chat.

If the number of recipients of the direct message (DM) on Twitter is more than twenty, he should delete some of the users in the direct message he sends. He can then send another direct message to the remaining users so that the number of Twitter users in each group chat is twenty or less.

While it is not necessary that the user to whom the DM is sent is a follower of the user initiating the group chat, a Twitter user can only send a DM to a person who he follows. So before initiating a group chat, the initiator should ensure that he is following the Twitter user.

Can’t create a Twitter group chat

Twitter users should be aware that Twitter has provided the group chat feature only for Twitter users with iOS (Apple devices like iPhones and iPads) initially.

Later this Twitter group chat feature was available for Android users. However, this chat feature is not available on desktops and laptops. So if a Twitter user wishes to use group chat, he should access Twitter on his smartphone or tablet.

In some cases, one or more of the Twitter users may have blocked the person starting the Group chat, due to which the blocked account will not receive the DM and the group chat may not get initiated. In this case, the chat initiator should check if anyone has blocked him, and request the person to unblock the account.

In a few cases, the chat initiator may have mistyped a Twitter user ID or made a spelling mistake due to which he may get an error message when initiating the group chat.

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