How To Make A Twitter Community? [in 2022]

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with a strong emphasis on real-time information and more than 335 million monthly users.

Twitter has recently announced a new feature called Twitter communities. In this Twitter tutorial, we are going to explain how to make a Twitter community step by step and everything else that relates to this.

What are Twitter communities?

Firstly, it’s a bit early for the Twitter community because this feature has been announced recently. But this new feature will introduce an advanced type of page where members of the community can post on the shared timeline, just like other social media platforms.

Recently, only the existing members and the community moderators can allow others to join the communities, so it’s not an easy task to add yourself.

Although it was announced publicly, you can get access to a community through a special link and via the web. If you search for Twitter community posts, you will find two communities, Climate and Weather and AstroTwitter.

How to make a Twitter community?

If you want to know How to make a Twitter community? You must understand that this feature isn’t active yet, and it will start very soon. But if you want to open a Twitter community now, you have to fill up a request form and submit your ideas.

You also have to describe the type of community you want to create and who will like to join. Follow the steps to understand the process of How to make a Twitter community?

  1. First, open the community creation request form on Twitter
  2. Next, add the community description and submit the form
  3. You have to wait for Twitter to reply and approve it.

Twitter hasn’t announced any number of timelines for these requests, so it’s not clear how long the platform will take to review your application.

Twitter community requirements

To create your Twitter community, you have to meet some requirements:

  • Your Twitter account of yours must be public. It must not be protected. If you choose to be protected, you will not become an admin.
  • The account must be at least 6 months old.
  • You have to link a valid phone number or email address with the account
  • The two-factor authentication must be enabled with your account
  • Lastly, the Twitter account should not violate the terms of services.

How to find and join Twitter communities?

Now you know How to make a Twitter community? Now you must know the ways to join one. Recently only members can find and join a Twitter community. As a member of one or more communities on Twitter, you will see the tab for communities on the sidebar of the official website or your iOS app.

If you want to join a community, you must know that moderators only can select the topic, invite others to join, and establish the rules of the group. To keep things functional, moderators define the rules and invite others to handle the space.

Recently, community creation is restricted, but Twitter will allow more individuals to create new communities in the future months, allowing the members to discuss any topic they select.

Some of the first communities that Twitter is experimenting with are related to chats. And the earlier topics were regarding, astrology, skincare, footwear, weather, and dogs are just some examples, and more will come, with unique and illustrative topics.

But currently, if you want to join Twitter communities you must have an invitation from a community by another member of the moderator. When people join a community on Twitter, they will receive 5 invitations to recommend others to join the group.

Can’t create a Twitter community

To start a Twitter community you must meet some requirements. Your account must be public and not protected; it must have opened at least 6 months before you submit the request for a community. The account must have two-factor authentication enabled, and you must never violate Twitter terms or services.

Moreover, you can create a community by filling out a form on Twitter and submitting the request. You will have to wait a long time to get the approval.

However, Twitter isn’t allowing new community creation at present. The platform is still working on the previous communities. However, it is expected that Twitter will soon allow users to create communities with the selected topics, and can have free discussions on the same.


Creating a Twitter community isn’t easy; you must have an invitation from a member of the moderator. However, in the future months, Twitter will allow users to create communities and allow the discussion of favored topics.

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