How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out? [in 2022]

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If you are looking forward to making your LinkedIn profile stand out then you have come to the right place. There are several ways you can opt to make your LinkedIn profile stand out by having an appropriate profile picture, not leaving any details blank and many more. Keep reading to get all these LinkedIn profile tips.

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How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?

Your LinkedIn profile plays a vital role. If you are looking forward to employers visiting your profile then there are several tips you can apply. These tips will ensure your profile stands and are viewed by employers.

Have a relevant and appropriate photograph

The first step that you can take is to make your profile picture relevant and appropriate. Put up your latest photo that is clearly viewable for the best results. Your photograph plays a vital role and ensuring it is at its best will help you stand out.

Do not leave any details blanks

In your LinkedIn profile the more details you fill-up the better it is for you. when you fill up all the details in your LinkedIn profile you achieve LinkedIn all-star ranking which is essential to be discovered by employers.

Ensure you fill up all the blanks as it becomes easy to apply for jobs. You are always an edge above the other users who have filled in details completely which is remarkable.

Achieve 500 plus connection

Making your LinkedIn profile stand out is not easy. You will require to have at least 500 plus connections to get started with. When you have 500 plus connections it becomes easy to be viewed and followed by people.

Achieving 500 plus connections will give you an upper hand and gain the trust of your viewers. This is essential if you are looking forward to making your profile stand out.

List college and previous workplace

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile your college and previous workplace play a vital role. This will offer you the alumni effect and help you get connections easily that are from the same alumni. Viewers that come to your profile are looking for something common between you and them.

Include contact details

By including your contact details, you make it easy for people to contact you. ensure you put up details of the email, Instagram, Twitter handle, website and if possible, even your phone number.

The main purpose of joining LinkedIn is to be discovered so that people can find you. This only makes sense when you allow people to be discovered by providing contact details.

Post content regularly

Regularly does not mean every day but ensure you are up to date and in touch with all your connections. When you keep posting regularly people will remember you and gradually start to appreciate what you are doing.

You can also opt to tag other people in your post that are related to the topic. This will show that you are always engaged which is essential to stand out among other users.

Best tips to stand out with your profile

Apply for jobs using your Profile

Another way to make your profile stand out is by applying for jobs using your profile. As you have completed your profile it is always advisable to use your profile while applying for jobs.

Applying for a job procedure becomes very easy when you complete your full profile. You simply have to click the apply button. This will help you to save your time and be more discoverable than other users on LinkedIn.

Reply to all the messages

A lot of the time we ignore messages that are not related. In such circumstances, it is best to reply to them letting them know whether you are interested or not. Opportunities generally evolve over time and because of your good reply you never know it may come of some use.

Do not spend too much time on LinkedIn

One very important point to follow is to not spend much of your time on LinkedIn. This is because you will slowly become a self-promotional spam feed which is not good. A lot of the people who keep updating regularly are treated more as spam than being taken seriously.


Mentioned above are some of the points that show why it is essential to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Besides, there are several tips provided which will help you make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

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