Best Tips to Network on LinkedIn to Get a Job

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It is evident how the main purpose of most people for making an account on LinkedIn would be to get a job. The hard part would be to actually get one. The best way to get the job you’ve been looking for would be to network with other members.

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Best Tips to Network on LinkedIn to Get a Job

Send connection requests

You can’t just stay put while on LinkedIn and think people there will send you many connection requests. You should make a good-looking profile and send out a connection request. Of course, don’t forget to keep in mind the fact that there is a connection request limit.

Lending a helping hand would always land you good friends. As a result, you can message people whom you think need your career advice. From there, it could be the start of a long-term connection.

Ask for referrals

Asking the person you sent a message to for referrals is actually not such a bad idea. Besides, in this world, people need people and you need all the help you can get in order to land such a nice job that would benefit you in the long run. If you talk to a person you trust then there is no doubt this person would give you referrals that would end up being pretty useful.

Reconnect with people

It is quite possible to reconnect with people you haven’t talked to for a while. During those years, the career of this person either took a boost or a downhill. Whatever the case, it would be nice to catch up and find out how you can help each other in the future.

Remember to not let go of someone after the first message. It would be nice if you can always update each other regarding where you are working right now and other updates. It is evident the person you are talking to would do the same.

Starting a conversation can be hard at first but you can start with something common like talking about your mutual connection. From there, the conversation can lead to many things including your job.

Some more ideas on how to network on LinkedIn

When you send a message on LinkedIn, you should be pretty upfront with what you want. After all, the person you’re sending a message to could be dealing with plenty of other messages. As a result, you should make your message stand out so that this person would find the time in reading it.

Studying the profile of each person with who you are eager to connect is a vital part of networking on LinkedIn. Better know the background of each person so that you won’t waste time networking with people whom you won’t really get to use in the near future. It is important to make good use of your time since you are limited by the number of messages you can send to people.

When it comes to referrals, you must take your time to look at the credentials of all these people. Surely, you can’t overlook someone who has not accomplished much because this person could have a lot of potential. At first, you thought this person does not have what it takes but it turns out the future is actually bright.

There is no doubt the people you want to reconnect with would remember you no matter how storied your past may be. What’s important is to throw the past out of the window and begin anew. If you can help each other with your careers then don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

When it comes to catching up with these connections from time to time, it would be nice to schedule some video calls every now and then. After all, group video calls would always elevate you in terms of mood. You would want to do a lot more in your life when you talk to someone who shares the same interests.

When you are in a deep conversation with a connection, there is a chance this person would tell you things that are not stated on his or her profile. Of course, only time will tell if you can make use of things or not. What’s important is that you find those things out.

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