How To Remove Skills From Your LinkedIn profile? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Adding skills to your LinkedIn profile increases your chance of being noticed by recruiters on LinkedIn. But sometimes you may need to remove a LinkedIn skill, either because it’s not that relevant to your professional goals anymore.

In this LinkedIn profile tutorial, we are going to show you how to remove skills from your LinkedIn account.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to remove skills from your LinkedIn profile, check out this video tutorial:

What are LinkedIn Skills on a profile and why might make sense to remove them?

LinkedIn skills help you to show your best abilities and find job opportunities faster.

The main reason you need to show off your skills on your LinkedIn profile is to spark the interest of recruiters. Skills that have received endorsements from your connections are considered your top skills.

They are most likely to be noticed by recruiters and be a decisive argument in convincing someone to hire you. So if skills are so important for your career, why you would want to remove skills from your LinkedIn profile? First of all, you have to remove old skills that are either irrelevant to the modern technology-driven world, or don’t represent you anymore.

So if you are not that good anymore at statistical analysis or web design, remove them. You want to keep only the skills that you are really good at. Also, if you don’t speak a foreign language well but you added it as a LinkedIn skill for a higher chance to get hired, we would remove it also. It won’t help you in the long term.

You should immediately remove the skills that have nothing in common with what you can really do. 

How To Remove Skills From Your LinkedIn profile?

To remove skills on LinkedIn:

  1. First off, click the Me icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Next, select View Profile.view LinkedIn profile
  3. Scroll down to the Skills section.
  4. Tap the pencil icon which will bring the list of skills in front of you.
  5. Click Edit next to the skill you want to dispose of.
  6. Select Delete Skill and you’re to remove skills from LinkedIn profile

The skill from your LinkedIn has been successfully removed.

Alternative To deleting a LinkedIn – Reorder LinkedIn Skills 

If you want to remove a skill from the top of the list and add it back to a lower position, there is no need to  delete the skill from your LinkedIn profile.

You can use the Reorder feature that can change the order of your LinkedIn skills

  1. Open LinkedIn and click on the Me icon.
  2. Tap on View Profile.
  3. Navigate to Skills section, then select Edit option.
  4. Click More, then Reorder.
  5. Next to each skill you will find a four-line icon.
  6. By clicking it you get the chance to change the position of the selected LinkedIn skill in your list.

Can’t remove skills from my LinkedIn profile

If you can’t delete skills from your LinkedIn profile, it may have to do with a bug that doesn’t allow you to follow the instructions.

Troubleshootf your system to identify the bug and get rid of it.

An issue with the browser may also be to blame. Make sure your browser works at its best to be able to follow the deletion steps without any obstacles.

Do you lose the endorsement after removing the LinkedIn skill?

Yes, once you remove a LinkedIn skill, all LinkedIn endorsements to it are lost too. That being said, you should never delete LinkedIn skills in a rush. You might accidentally click Delete next to the wrong skill which will have you lose the endorsements for it forever.

You can recover the lost LinkedIn skill easily, by adding it back to your skill list. But, this time, it will come with no endorsements. Don’t keep an old skill in the list only because it has a bunch of good endorsements.

If you have become worse at a skill in time, you are better off removing it. Else, you will disappoint the employer and be considered unreliable by other recruiters. The list should include only the skills you are super good at right now.

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