How To Schedule Tweets on Twitter? [in 2022]

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Twitter remains one of the most popular social media websites and has millions of users worldwide. To ensure that their tweet reaches the largest possible target audience, many Twitter users would like to schedule Tweets on Twitter to at a specific time and date.

In this beginner Twitter tutorial, we are going to show you how to schedule Tweets on Twitter.

How To schedule a Tweet on Twitter?

Individuals or professionals who are not using Twitter daily can schedule a tweet directly from their Twitter accounts. They can directly log in to their Twitter account, type the content they want, and upload the image. Before posting they should click on the small schedule option in the content window.

They can use this schedule option to choose the time and day when their post will be published on Twitter along with the time zone. The scheduled post should be included in the list of scheduled tweets and it may be possible to change the content of the scheduled tweet if required if it has not been published.

Usually, most businesses are hiring agencies or professionals for managing their Twitter accounts. These professionals are handling a large number of Twitter accounts for their clients.

In these cases, it is advisable to use a software or social media scheduler for automating the task of scheduling the Tweets for each Twitter account. is a website that helps in automating the task of scheduling Tweets to a large extent.

How To schedule a Tweet on mobile? (iPhones & Android phones9

Many Twitter users are accessing Twitter on their mobile using the Twitter app. While they can make posts that will be published immediately using the Twitter app, they cannot use it for scheduling Tweets.

If the user wishes to schedule Tweets using their smartphone, the user will have to first open the browser on the phone and then log in to their Twitter account using the browser.

After typing the tweet, and in some cases, uploading images or videos, the user should choose the calendar option to choose the time and date when the Tweet should be published. The Tweet can then be scheduled.

The user can check the Tweets which are scheduled and delete or modify the tweets if required based on his or her plans.

Schedule a Tweet on social media schedulers

Increasing businesses, professionals, and celebrities are outsourcing managing their Twitter account to social media agencies or specialists. These businesses or individuals have invested a large amount in marketing their Twitter accounts to maximize the number of followers and would like to post high-quality content regularly to retain these followers. So in these cases, it is advisable to use a social media scheduler that will automate the task of scheduling Tweets.

The user can upload several Tweets in the scheduler, specifying the time when they should be published. This will help the user save time and leave more free time for engaging with others on Twitter. The scheduler is useful for agencies whose clients live in different countries and time zones.

This will also help in maintaining consistency, the followers can expect a tweet every week or multiple times at a specific time.

There are a large number of Twitter schedulers that are available. Some of the considerations while choosing the right scheduler are

  • the ease of scheduling tweets,
  • bulk tweeting capability,
  • content management features
  • price.

Why does it make sense to schedule Tweets on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media marketing channels, and if the Twitter account is dormant for a longer time, the followers will lose interest. Hence it is advisable to tweet regularly, preferably at a specific time daily or weekly.

Since the person handling the Twitter account may be busy with other tasks, it is better to schedule the tweet. To save time logging into the Twitter account, the user can schedule several Tweets at a time.

Most people access their Twitter account at a specific time or day of the week, so it is advisable to schedule the post when the audience is most likely to be online. Often businesses have clients in different time zones, and countries, so the Tweet should be scheduled at a time convenient for the audience.

Can’t schedule a Tweet on Twitter

Ofter users waste their time trying to schedule tweets using the Twitter app. They should realize that the App does not have the scheduling feature and use the browser on their smartphone, desktop, laptop or tablet.

You can also use a social media schedulers that allow you to schedule Tweets if you can’t schedule the tweet natively on Twitter.

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