How to Send LinkedIn InMail Messages? [in 2022]

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Have you ever tried to send someone a message even if you are not connected to that person? Chances you are, you won’t be able to if you have a free LinkedIn account. The message button will be locked unless you upgrade to a premium account.

In this LinkedIn marketing tutorial, we are going to explain to you what LinkedIn InMail messages are, how you can send them, and everything else related to them.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on LinkedIn InMail messages, check out this one:

What are LinkedIn InMail Messages and Why are They Useful?

LinkedIn Inmail Messages are messages that you can send to people with whom you are not connected. It would be useful because you don’t have to send a connection to invite that person. Also, you would be able to reach candidates who are both active and passive which means you can connect with those people who you think would contribute best to your company.

Another reason LinkedIn Inmail messages are useful would be the fact that you can actually track the results of your Inmail messages. As a result, you will get informed in a short amount of time what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong so you can make the necessary adjustments. Add that to the fact that you don’t have to waste time trying to find out the contact person of that person as it is as simple as sending a LinkedIn Inmail message.

How to Send LinkedIn InMail Messages?

Here is how to send LinkedIn Inmail message:

  1. Go to the profile of the person you wish to send a message to
  2. Click the More button on their introduction section.
  3. Select Message from the dropdown.
  4. Type the Subject field (optional) in the New message pop-up window.
  5. Type the message in the text box.
  6. Click Send.

The number of messages you can send per payment cycle would depend on the account as the Sales Navigator gives you 20 while the Recruiter Lite allows you 30 at a time.

Tips and Best Practices for LinkedIn InMail Messages

Remember that you can only send one Inmail message at a time to one person. If that person does not respond to your message, then you can’t send another one. Hence, better make that first message a good one so there would be a huge chance that the recipient would reply.

It would be best to not use another account just to remind that person that you sent him a LinkedIn InMail message.

Besides that, they would receive a notification within two to three days after they received your LinkedIn InMail message. A normal person would check his or her email regularly so you can feel a bit confident that the person you sent the message to is most likely aware of your message.

Can’t Send a LinkedIn InMail message

There are a couple of reasons why you can’t send a LinkedIn Inmail message anymore. One would be the settings of that person as it is possible for a user to block getting sent Inmail messages. Of course, it is possible that person had a terrible experience in the past so you can’t really judge people who do that.

Another possibility regarding the fact that you can’t send LinkedIn Inmail messages is when you’ve already reached the maximum allowable messages that you can send. Depending on the paid subscription that you availed of, you must keep track of the number that you can send.

Thankfully, it is per month and not per day so if you missed out on sending Inmail messages for a few days then you can make up for it by sending more in the coming days.

Other Information Related to LinkedIn InMail Message

Did you know that you are going to receive Inmail message credits when the person you sent the message to respond in a fast manner? It does not even have to be that fast as that person just needs to respond within two months. Yes, it is that easy so you would just need to wish that person would take the time to respond to your message no matter how short the message is as the important thing is there is a reply sent to you.

Don’t worry about your LinkedIn InMail message being wasted if the person you sent it to did not respond to you. The reason for that is that you will receive the credit back once the person did not respond within two months. We all know how it is never a good feeling to be kept waiting.

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