How To Share A Link On Twitter? [in 2022]

Written by: Emily Anderson
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Twitter has allowed its users to share different types of links on the platform, opening many new ways of communicating and information broadcasting.

As most new account holders are clueless about it, I have mentioned everything related to the question “How to share a Link on Twitter?” next for your better tweeting experience. So, read on to know more.

How to share a link on Twitter?

Do you know that you can share a link on Twitter in two different sections? I discovered this just a few years back. If you want to share a particular link on this platform, then you can add that link in:

  • Your “Twitter Bio” section.
  • Your tweets via the “What’s Happening?” box.

How to add a website link to a Twitter bio?

I personally like to add link to my Twitter Bio as it happens to be a great, impactful way to make a dynamic statement about me and my personality. Most profiles add a URL or link in the Twitter bio that transports the viewer to the account holder’s website or blog upon clicking on it.

Twitter has allowed 160 characters (max.) to write something about you in the biography section. You can add the link in this section and it will reflect in your profile’s bio section. Here are the steps on how to share a link on Twitter (Twitter bio section):

  1. Go to the “Profile” section present at the top of the platform after you entered your account.
  2. Next, select the “Edit your profile” option.
  3. Scroll down to get to the “Web” box reflecting on the next page. You have to provide the complete URL here. So, do not forget to include the “http” along with the other text of the link you want to share. I’ll suggest Copy-Pasting the link rather than writing it to avoid any mistakes.
  4. To finish you have to click on “Save” next that will be present near the bottom of the page.

How to add a link to a Tweet?

Before discussing how to share a Link in Twitter via your tweets, I should inform you that your URL or link of any size will be converted to only 23 characters by Twitter. This will be the case even if your posted link has less than 23 characters. Thus, I would advise you to consider a link shortener service if you are running out of allowed number of characters.

Now, the steps to add a URL to your tweet

  1. Go to the “What’s Happening?” box and type/paste a link or URL of your choice in it. You can post link/links only or links along with other information like words or photos.
  2. To finish or post the tweet with the link just click on the “Tweet” button.

How to add multiple links to Twitter bio?

I have tried many different ways and found out that one of the best ways to add multiple URLs to Twitter bio is by using a link shortener service. Many such well-loved services like “linkinbio” can be useful. It can protect users from any kind of malicious sites known for spreading phishing attacks, malware, virus, and other harmful activity.

You should definitely use such a service if you are planning to post multiple links in your Twitter bio. You can post many shorten URLs without compromising too much allowed characters to complete it. It is better than Twitter’s own link service that relies on their list of potentially dangerous sites. If a match is found, Twitter will warn users before they can continue.

Best practices for sharing links on Twitter

On my journey to find out how to share a Link on Twitter, I realized that everyone needs to follow the best practices for sharing URLs on this platform. This will protect the users and also his/her viewers or audience on Twitter. So, do make sure you follow the following when posting links next time:

  • To provide a better experience to your viewers and increase your brand value, use a link shortener service. It can help you to create custom URLs easily.
  • You have to measure the effectiveness of your posts on Twitter to reach a lot of targeted audience. Using UTM parameters will be helpful here.
  • If you have to share multiple links on the post/Twitter bio on a regular basis, then consider the related services provided by “linkinbio”.

Summing up – Linking websites on Twitter

Hopefully by now, I have provided you with enough information on how to share a link on Twitter effectively and properly.

With the information provided above, posting different links on your Twitter account without any kind of hassle can be done from now on. Use a link shortener service like Linkinbio and also the other tips and tricks I mentioned today to ensure you are following the best link sharing practices.


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