How To Stitch on TikTok? [in 2022]

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As a TikTok user, you need to respond to videos and involve yourself in the trends actively. The Stich TikTok feature helps you do that.

In this TikTok feature tutorial, we are going to show you how to stitch on TikTok.

If you prefer to watch a video on how to stitch on TikTok, check out this video tutorial:

How to Stitch on TikTok?

Here is how to stitch on Tik Tok:

  • Open the TikTok application.

First, enter your login details. From there, create a new video or search for an old video to stitch. The video will eventually open.

Besides, you will find three options that will appear on the videos. You can view, like, comment and share a video.

  • Select the share icon

The icon will be in the form of an arrow. Then a big list will appear in the two horizontal lines. You will find more options on the second line, i.e., Save video, Report, Stitch.

Add to live photo. Then select Stitch from the icon of the app.

  • You will be given 5 seconds to click on the stitch symbol and cut the video.

Afterward, apply it to your video. Drag from left and right.

Select only the video you want to stitch on. Click on and move to the Next icon.

  • Record the TikTok video

A camera will appear. Record the video and hold onto a large red circle icon. You can either filter, add sound to your videos.

Select on the Next symbol.

  • Go to post page

You will add hashtags, captions, and friends from the page according to your preferences and tastes. Allow duet and Allow comments. Allow Stitch and save to the device.

  • Turn the Stitch icon on

Drag on and Allow stitch icon and put it on. On the other hand, please turn it off if you don’t want other people to stitch with your video. Once you disable the icon, it will eventually stop working.

What does it mean to stitch on TikTok?

You have now gotten equipped on how to stitch on TikTok?. However, let’s first understand in depth what it means to stitch on TikTok.

A feature “Stitch” has made it convenient for several TikTok users. You get to learn how to edit your video, photos and get to love it anyway!

Essentially, a stitch on TikTok is a mechanism users use to team up with other content creators. You can merge the two videos altogether. From there, use the hashtag and tag the user’s name.

Equally, the video you can use as an inspiration of your own.

Key Tips for a successful TikTok stitch

Here are some great tips on how to stich on TikTok successfully:

  • Customize your profile photo

Make your profile photo match your videos. The videos you post are supposed to be consistent and not bias. Let your image portray the best of you.

  • Search you your niche and stick to it

Make a difference when editing videos for a stitch. Create your community and establish a niche and eventually get more views.

  • Post videos regularly

You need to get more views to have a successful TikTok stitch. For a successful stitch, your videos should go viral on TikTok. By this, you will be keeping on toes on how to stitch on TikTok?

  • Use hashtags sensibly

Get to understand hashtags, especially when creating a stitch. The captions on the videos you have edited are supposed to appear frequently on your pages.

  • Be unique

For a successful TikTok stitch, be unique in your way as a user. Try something new each day to create more attention to your videos and content. By this, you will establish your personality on TikTok.

Why should you try TikTok Stitch?

Apart from knowing how to stitch on TikTok, you also need to understand the reason to do so on TikTok.

The stitch feature will take your music to the next level if you are a musician. You can advertise your music and albums. Stitch will eventually level up your advertisement game.

To stitch on TikTok aids users to create content that is by the side of an existing video. Meaning, it improvises collaborative content in a manner that will be appealing to the user.

Key Takeaway Tip regarding stitching on TikTok

TikTok has tremendously attracted millions of new and existing users. With its stitch feature, users can edit other people’s videos and put them as their own and use it to take advantage of the success of others and get a bigger reach.


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