How To Tag Products On Facebook?

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As an online business owner, tagging your products on your Facebook page is a good idea to highlight them. But what if you don’t know how to tag your products on Facebook? Don’t worry, it’s easy and you can even do it from your phone.

In this Facebook page tutorial, we are going to show you the various ways how you can tag products on Facebook.

Various Ways to Tag Products on Facebook

There are a variety of ways to tag your products on Facebook for more exposure. It can be done through your Facebook post, stories, and lives. Tagging products allow customers to make their purchases directly from where you place them.

Using Facebook tag has a straightforward approach and you can learn it without any issue. As a business owner, you should take advantage of this feature to increase your sales. When you tag products on your Facebook page, people will easily find them and buy from your Facebook shop.

How to Tag Products from Your Facebook Page?

Before you start tagging photos or videos of your products on your Facebook Page, make sure they are already uploaded to your shop. You can tag your products while creating your post from your page. Once the users see them, they can shop directly from those tags that you have created.

The first thing to do is to go to your Facebook page and tap the photo hyperlink, upload pictures or videos, and press continue. Choose and tap the photo icon as well as the product to tag. Add the name of the product, click next, write your post, and hit publish.

How to Tag Products in a Facebook Post?

Tagging your products while creating a Facebook post is simple and you can do it from your shop page. It’s also possible to tag your products on an existing post that you have. People can buy your products by just clicking the tags from your post.

If you want to tag products on an existing post, open the photo or video from there. Look for the tag products icon and click on it. You can choose the product in the photo or video icons and start adding the name of the products as well.

Press done tagging once you have all the products you want to be tagged. They will show up on your post this time and the customers can start buying. It’s recommended to tag not more than 5 product images to focus better on your target market.

How to Tag Products in Facebook Stories?

Using tags will help your business to highlight what’s on your Facebook shop. It will also help the customers to see what you’re selling. Use Facebook stories and tag your products there for people to see what you have to offer on their feed.

The first thing to do is to add the product tag sticker to your Facebook story. Look for the sticker tray icon and click on it to add a tag sticker. Change the product name and the color of your product sticker.

If you want to resize the image, you can click, pinch, and hold it for the right size. Complete your story and review it before publishing. If it looks good enough for you, hit publish and wait for a few seconds for your story to be uploaded.

How to Tag Products in Facebook Lives?

Tagging products is also possible while you’re doing a Facebook live for your followers. Before your start, add up to 30 products that you want to show them. You can also pin a product during your live broadcast for customers to see what you have.

To begin your Facebook live, tap start your live video from the top left side of your screen. Choose the products that you will showcase for your customers by tapping the shipping icon. Once you’re ready, you can click on live to get started.

During your Facebook live, your products can be pinned on the screen. The viewers can tap on your products and buy from them. People can purchase your items even during your broadcast.

Keep in mind that Fundraisers and badges can’t be used simultaneously. Use Shopping to add your products during your Facebook live. Customers can easily make their purchases while you’re still broadcasting and make more sales.

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